Plant Physiology Vocab (10/6/14)

  1. Mesophyll
    Middle of leaf; parenchyma
  2. Palisade mesophyll
    upper layer, elongated cells in eudicot leaves
  3. Spongy mesophyll
    lower layer, irregular shaped cells in eudicot leaves; lots of air spaces
  4. Root hair
    increase surface area of root
  5. Lateral root
    forms new root from central root
  6. Pericycle
    ring of undifferentiated cells
  7. Eudicot shoot/root structure
    • Shoots: ring w/ pith center
    • Roots: star
  8. Monocot shoot/root structure
    • Shoots: scattered
    • Roots: ring w/ pith center
  9. Vascular cambium
    inner ring of shoot, makes new xylem and phloem
  10. Cork cambium
    outer ring of shoot, makes secondary dermal tissue as epidermis comes off
  11. Wood
    within vascular cambium
  12. Bark
    outside vascular cambium
  13. Tree rings
    • Spring: (thick areas) abundant water, large tracheids/vessels, thin cell walls
    • Fall: (thin lines) less water, small tracheids/vessels, thick cell walls
  14. Purpose of water
    photosynthesis, transport, thermoregulation, structure
  15. Water potential
    tendency of water to move from high to low potential (Psi)
  16. Turgor
    • positive pressure potential (pushing force)
    • pure water <- Positive Pressure
  17. Tension
    • negative pressure potential (pulling force)
    • pure water -> negative pressure
  18. Turgor pressure
    • resistance from cell wall pushing contents inside
    • solute and pressure potential balance=turgid
  19. Plasmolysis
    low solute regular pressure potential=wilted
  20. Apoplast
    • Water moves around cells (Away from cytoplasm)
    • fast and unregulated
  21. Symplast
    water moves through pores (plasmodesmata) between cell walls (With the cytoplasm)
  22. Casparian Strip
    • waterproof barrier around xylem
    • forces regulation
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