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  1. AP-341-101, Designating Vital Safety Systems and Cognizant System Engineers
    The purpose of this document is to describe the process of preparing and maintaining a list of vital safety systems (VSSs) in hazard category 2 and 3 nuclear facilities and identifying cognizant system engineers (CSEs) assigned to the VSSs. In addition, this administrative procedure also describes the process of preparing and maintaining a list of Other Equipment Important to Safety (OEITS) SSCs in hazard category 2 and 3 nuclear facility that is not classified as VSS but are assigned System Engineers (SEs).
  2. AP-341-403, Master Document List
  3. AP-341-404, Master Equipment List
  4. AP-341-405, Identification and Control of Technical Baseline, Variances, Alternate Methods, and Clarifications in Operating Facilities
    This Administrative Procedure (AP) describes the process for identification, reconstruction, and updates of technical baseline documentation for active and passive structures, systems, and components (SSCs) in operating facilities. This AP also describes the process for maintaining a list of Conduct of Engineering (CoE) program approved variances, alternate methods, and clarifications that are applicable to the operating facility.

    Technical Baseline is the documents/data, used to identify, justify, and demonstrate the physical, functional or operational requirements of a SSC.
  5. AP-341-502, Management Level Determination and Identification of Quality Assurance and Maintenance Requirements
  6. AP-341-503, Technical Evaluation of Replacement Items
  7. AP-341-504, Temporary Modification Control
  8. AP-341-510, Field Walk-down, Data Gathering, and Inspections
  9. AP-341-514, Functionality Assessment
    Assess the functionality of an SSC upon discovery of a degraded condition
  10. AP-341-515, System Adequacy Analysis
    Determines if design modifications are required
  11. AP-341-516, Operability Determination
    Performed upon discovery of a degraded or nonconforming condition
  12. AP-341-517, Design Change Form
    Permanent SSC modifications
  13. AP-341-521, Identification and Control of Critical Spare Parts
  14. AP-341-605, Calculations
  15. AP-341-607, Determining Critical Characteristics for Design of Safety Related Items
    The critical characteristics for design are those properties or attributes, which are essential for the item’s form, fit, and functional performance. Critical characteristics for design are the identifiable and/or measurable attributes of an item, which provides assurance that the item will perform its design function. The design function is the operation an item is required to perform to meet the system design basis.
  16. AP-341-608, Engineering Drawings and Sketches
  17. AP-341-609, Specifications for Non-Safety SSCs
  18. AP-341-610, Specifications for Safety Related SSCs
    For preparing, reviewing, approving, and controlling engineering specifications for procurement and/or fabrication of ML-1, ML-2, and defense-indepth ML-3 structures, systems, and components (SSCs)
  19. AP-341-611, System Design Descriptions
  20. AP-341-612, Facility Design Descriptions
  21. AP-341-613, Instrumentation Set Point Control
    This procedure determines if the instrument set point is sufficiently within the allowable values that are within established safety analysis limits.
  22. AP-341-622, LANL Review of Designs Produced by External Design Agencies
  23. AP-341-624, Independent External Design Review
  24. AP-341-701, Evaluation of Vendor Information
  25. AP-341-703, Commercial Grade Dedication
    The CGD process provides reasonable assurance that the item or service purchased/obtained from an un-qualified source will perform its safety function. This reasonable assurance is provided by identifying the critical characteristics for acceptance required of the item or service in approved design that are necessary for it to perform its safety function(s) and verifying that the commercial grade item or service meets these identified critical characteristics.
  26. AP-341-801, Post Modification/Post Maintenance Testing
  27. AP-341-802, System Health Reporting
  28. AP-341-901, Performing Vital Safety System Assessments
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