Michael and Luke - Wordly Wise - Week of October 6

  1. approach (Luke)
    • - To go closer to.
    • The doctor approached the scared child carefully.

    • - A coming closer
    • My parents dread the approach of winter.

    • - A road or way that leads to a place.
    • The approach to the beach was blocked by a fallen tree.
  2. burrow (Luke)
    • - To dig a hole or tunnel into or under something.
    • Turtles burrow into soft sand to lay their eggs.

    • - To dig deeply into; to search.
    • The clerk burrowed through the pile of papers on his desk.

    • - A hole or tunnel dug by an animal as a home for protection.
    • A mole spends most of its time in its burrow.
  3. destructive (Luke)
    • - Causing harm or damage.
    • Cut worms are very destructive garden insects.

    destruction - Harm or damage when Hurricane Katrina hit the Louisiana coast, it caused great destruction.
  4. drowsy (Luke)
    • - Tired or sleepy.
    • Lying in the sun always makes my dog, Lilly, drowsy.
  5. hibernate (Luke)
    • - To spend the winter in a resting state.
    • Groundhogs hibernate because they can't find enough food in the winter.
  6. migrate (Luke)
    • - To move from one country or region to another.
    • Hundreds of thousands of people have migrated to the United States in search of freedom.

    • migration - The act of migrating.
    • My friend, Michael is studying Indian migration to the United States.

    • migratory - moving from one place or country to another, usually regularly.
    • Canadian geese are migratory birds.
  7. nestle (Luke)
    • - To settle down uncomfortable as if in a nest.
    • The children were nestled all snug in their beds.

    • - To lie in a sheltered, partly hidden place.
    • The little Swiss town was nestled at the foot of the Alps.
  8. observe (Luke)
    • - To see, to notice.
    • I looked up at the sky, and observed a hawk circling slowly, far above us.

    • - To comment; to remark.
    • Sleepily, I observed that it was time we left the party.

    • - To make an event or day.
    • We observed Christmas by closing the store.

    • - To obey.
    • I try to observe the speed limit when I drive.
  9. reduce (Luke)
    • - To make or become smaller or less.
    • This winter, Vermont reduced the amount of salt it put on its roads.

    • reduction - the act of reducing ¬†or the amount by which something is reduced.
    • The store sold out of swimsuits after it had a huge price reduction.
  10. famished
    • - Very hungry
    • Sometimes I work through my lunch hour, so by dinnertime I'm famished.
  11. forecast
    • - To figure out and say what will happen before it takes place.
    • Our fishing guide forecast a good catch.

    • - Telling of what will happen.
    • As soon as Carlos gets up, he turns on the weather forecast.
  12. prepare
    • - To make or get ready.
    • The scouts prepared for their camping trip by getting lots of freeze-dried food.

    • preparation - something done to get ready.
    • Antonio and Ruth did most of the preparation for the cookout the night before.
  13. severe
    • - Very strict or harsh.
    • The teacher gave a severe punishment for turning a paper in late.

    • - Hard to bear or deal with.
    • A severe frost caused a lot of damage to central Florida's mango crop.
  14. venture
    • - To dare to do, to go, or to say.
    • Maria ventured onto the dance floor even though she didn't know how to dance.

    • - Something that involves the risk of a loss.
    • Grandpa's most successful venture was a carpet cleaning business.
  15. cease
    • - To stop; to come or bring to an end.
    • After several hours of thunder and lightening, the storm finally ceased.
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