history 5 review

  1. in Britten the evangelical  revival was also called what?
    methodist revival
  2. who began the methodist denomination
    john and charles wesley
  3. big revival in america called what
    great awakening
  4. what were virginia rangers
  5. Evangelist who preached to groups of 2,000 people?
    George Whitefield
  6. french and british had a rivalry over what
    • territory 
    • fir trading 
    • fishing
  7. out standing leader in the french and indian war
    George Washington
  8. best known missionary to the indians was
  9. english and french fought four wars called what
    • french and indian war 
    • king williams war
    • queen annes war
    • king georges war
  10. how many of the four wars were in europe
  11. why did indians help the french
    • they traded fir
    • land
    • married eachother
    • learned their language
  12. who wrote and gave the sermon "sinners in the hands of an angry god"
    Jonathan Edward
  13. what was the stamp act?
    people had to pay taxes to put a seal on offitual things
  14. Europe was envious of the colonies because of what?
    we could farm but they didnt have good soil so they couldnt farm
  15. who won the french and indian war?
  16. french and indian war was also called what?
    seven years war
  17. why were british easy targets during the war
    because of their red coats, and the blew trumpets
  18. what was the quartering act?
    require colonist to house the british soldiers
  19. king of england during the seven year war?
    george III
  20. no taxation without representation meant what
    they cant tax them if they dont have representation
  21. what happened to a person who tried to not pay stamp act?
    they would get arrested without a jurry
  22. what is a parliement
    british legislature
  23. what other person is intitled other than the king
    prime minister
  24. who was the prime minister
    george greenvile
  25. canciled all settle ment in western places
    proclamation of 1763
  26. list the examples how God protected george washington
    • when some indian tried to shoot him they missed
    • he almost drounded
    • after the battle gun shots were in his coat but he wasnt shot 
    • 2 horses were shot out under him
  27. results of the great awakening
    • brought people closer to God 
    • new churches 
    • better unity 
    • colleges were found
  28. last battle of the french and indian war was where
  29. the two leaders who died after the french and indian war were
    Wolf and Montcalm
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