NURS 1117 Unit III Collaborative Concepts in Nursing

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  1. Identify aspects of the therapeutic nurse-patient relationships and appropriate communication techniques.
  2. Identify the use of interview and data collection in the assessment process
  3. Identify ways to cluster data and select an appropriate nursing diagnosis.
  4. Describe Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs and elements of prioritizing needs.
  5. Describe appropriate outcome selection and planning for health needs.
  6. Identify independent and collaborative nursing care in selecting nursing interventions.
  7. Describe ways to evaluate outcome achievement.
  8. Identify legal/ethical principals of documentation in a patient record.
  9. Identify components of the nursing process.
  10. Identify the role of the patient/family teaching for the registered nurse.
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NURS 1117 Unit III Collaborative Concepts in Nursing
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