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    • Personal awareness of mental activities, internal sensations, and the external environment.
    • Consciousness
  1. Examples of consciousness
    • •Planning
    • •Active Problem Solving
    • •Hunger
  2. Change blindness
    Not noticing when something changes.
  3. Type of sleep during which rapid eye movements and dreaming usually occur and voluntary muscle activity is suppressed.
    REM sleep
  4. Dreamless sleep
    NREM Sleep
  5. Caregory of long term memory that includes memories of particular events
    Episodic Memory
  6. Procedural Memories
    Long term memory of different skills, operations, and actions.
  7. Manifest Content
    Elements of a dream that are consciously experienced and remembered by the dreamer.
  8. Latent Content
    The unconscious wishes, thoughts, and urges that are concealed in the manifest content of a dream.
  9. Serious and consistent sleep disturbance that interfere with daytime functioning and cause subjective distress.
    Sleep disorder.
  10. Meditation
    Any one of a number of sustained concentration techniques that focus attention and heightened awareness.
  11. A drug that alters consciousness, perception, mood, and behavior.
    Psychoactive drug
  12. Classical conditioning.
    The basic learning process that involves repeatedly pairing a neutral stimulus with a response-producing stimulus until the neutral stimulus elicits the same response.
  13. Operant conditioning
    The basic learning process that involves changing the probability that a response will be repeated by manipulating the consequences of that response.
  14. How is observational learning different classical and operant conditioning
    Observational is watching others not "training"
  15. A test of long term memory that involves retrieving information without the aid of retrieval cues.
  16. A test of long term memory that involves remembering an item of information in response to a retrieval cue.
    Cued Recall
  17. A test of long term memory that involves identifying correct information out of several possible choices.
  18. A stimulus or event that is naturally or inherently reinforcing for a given species, such as food, water, or other necessities.
    Primary Reinforcer
  19. Motivated forgetting that occurs consciously; a deliberate attempt to not think about and remember specific information
  20. Motivated forgetting that occurs unconsciously.
  21. The recall of very specific images or details surrounding a vivid, rare, or significant personal event.
    Flashbulb memory
  22. A rhythm is a 24-hour cycle that tells our bodies when to sleep and regulates many other physiological processes.
    Circadian Rhythm
  23. Examples of episodic memory
    • Your first day of school
    • Your first kiss 
    • Attending a friend's birthday party  
    • Your brother's graduation are all examples of episodic memories.
  24. Example of Procedural Memories
    • Playing piano
    • Skiing
    • Ice skating
    • Playing baseball
    • Swimming
    • Driving a car
    • Riding a bike
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