Depressions openings projections and processes

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  1. Crest?
    Sharp ridge or border.

    Ex: Iliac crest of hip
  2. epicondyle?
    Prominence above or on condyle.

    Ex: Medial epicondyle of humerus
  3. Foramen?
    Hole through which blood vessels, nerves, and ligaments pass.

    Ex: Vertebral foramen of cervical vertebra.
  4. Fossa?
    Hollw or depression.

    Ex: Glenoid fossa of scapula.
  5. Groove?
    Ditch like groove containing a tendon or blood vessel.

    Ex: Bicipital (intercondylar) groove of humerus.
  6. Meatus?
    Canal or tubelike opening in a bone.

    Ex: External auditory meatus.
  7. Sinus?
    Air-filled cavity within a bone.

    Ex: Frontal sinus in frontal bone.
  8. Condyle?
    Rounded knuckle like projection.

    Ex: Medial condyle of femur.
  9. Eminence?
    Projecting, prominent part of a bone.

    Ex: intercondylar eminence of tibia.
  10. Facet?
    Flat or shallow articular surface.

    Ex: Articular facet of rib.
  11. Head?
    Rounded articular projection beyond a narrow, necklike portion of bone.

    Ex: Femoral head.
  12. Line?
    Less prominent ridge.

    Ex: Linea aspera of femur.
  13. Spine?
    Long, thin projection (spinous process).

    ex: Scapular spine.
  14. Tubercle?
    Small, rounded projection.

    Ex: Greater tubercle of humerus.
  15. Tuberosity?
    Long, rounded projection.

    Ex: Ischial tuberosity.
  16. Trochanter?
    Very large prominence for muscle attachment.

    Ex: Greater trochanter of femur.
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