BITM Access exam #1

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  1. Embedded system
    • microprocessor used as a component of a larger system
    • found in common household devices
    • anything powered by electricity
  2. Workstation
    • high end desktop computer with massive computing power
    • large scale scientific data analysis
  3. Server
    • controls access to the hardware, software, and other resources on a network 
    • provides other computers connected to a network with data
  4. Mainframe
    large, expensive and powerful computer that can handle thousands of connected users
  5. Phases of the information age
    • institutional computing 
    • personal computing 
    • interpersonal computing
    • collaborative computing
    is the predecessor to the internet
  7. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
    • language of the internet
    • breaks messages into packets (all the info needed to travel n2n)
  8. IP Addresses
    • each internet host has a unique IP 
    • comprised of four sets of numbers seperated by periods
  9. Domain name
    text version of an IP address
  10. URL
    • unique address for a web page
    • Uniform Resource Locator
  11. Cookies
    • text files stored on client computers when visiting sites
    • unique ID #
    • personal info remembered
  12. Computer security risk
    any event or action that could cause a loss of or damage to a computer
  13. Cybercrime
    • an online or internet based illegal act
    • EX) hackers, crackers, script kiddies

    info transmitted over networks has a higher degree of security risk than info kept on an organization's premises
  14. Botnet
    DoS attack
    back door
    all ways in which a hacker tries to gain your info
  15. Firewall
    • security system consisting of hardware/software that prevents unauthorized network access
    • program that filters info between a private network and the rest of the internet
  16. 4 types of backups
    • Incremental-happens continuously 
    • Bootable-makes a duplicate of a disk
    • Off-site-transport DVDs of data to remote sites
    • Archive-data is archived/deleted from main drive
  17. Defragmentation
    • contents of file may become scattered over clusters
    • info is faster if file is assigned to contigous clusters 
    • defragmentation utility-eliminates fragmented files
  18. License agreement
    • right to use software
    • single-user: allows user to install software on 1 computer, make backup copy and sell software after removing from computer (school with microsoft office)
  19. E-Commerce Models
    • business to business (B2B)
    • business to consumer (B2C)
    • consumer to consumer (C2c)
    • business to employee (B2E)
  20. Intranet
    • B2E:
    • info access for employees
    • collaboration and teamwork
    • interal business transactions
    • distributions of info management tools
  21. Extranet
    a private inerorganizational info system connecting the intranets of two or more trusted business partners

    • set up by:
    • secure private network
    • public network
    • virtual private network
  22. Disaggregation
    • separating commerce into component parts
    • outsourcing parts that can be better handled somewhere else
  23. Long tail
    • limited shelf space and floor space
    • statistical curve that appears when you rank products by popularity as reflected in sales/rentals
    • physical retailers (tower records)-->hybrid retailers (amazon)-->pure digital retailers (rhapsody)
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