bio 100

  1. True or False:
    In animals cells, cytoplasmic division is done by furrowing.
  2. True or False:
    Nuclear membrane begins to break down in prophase.
  3. Chromosomes are at their maximum condensation in telophase.
  4. Random alignment of the homologous chromosomes happens at metaphase I.
  5. There are two nuclear divisions in mitosis and one nuclear division in meiosis.
  6. Mitosis and cytokinesis give rise to two clones (genetically identical cells).
  7. A human primary oocyte can give rise to only one viable egg.
  8. Sister-chromatids are lined up at the equator of the spindle at:

    A) metaphase stage of mitosis
  9. Chromosomes are duplicated in:

    C) the S stage of interphase
  10. Crossing over

    D) all of the above
  11. True or False:
    A homozygote has a pair of identical alleles whereas a heterozygote has a pair of nonidentical alleles.
  12. True or False:
    Pink snapdragon is an example of co-dominance.
  13. True or False:
    If a woman’s genotype at the ABO locus is IA i, her blood type is O.
  14. True or False:
    Pleiotropy refers to traits which are resulted from multiple genes.
  15. In a paternity suit, a woman with type AB blood accuses a man with type O blood of fathering her child. The child has type AB blood. Could the man be the child’s father?

    a) yes
    b) no
    b) no

    • woman
    • IA IB

    • i i IA i IB
    • man The offspring could be A or B type but not AB!
    • i i IA i IB
  16. The F2 phenotypic ratio of Mendel’s monohybrid cross is

    C) 3:1
  17. Gregor Mendel discovered:

    D) the theory of independent assortment
  18. Offsprings of a monohybrid cross AA* aa are

    C) all Aa
  19. The phenotype of an organism

    D) all of the above
  20. True or False:
    Adipose tissue cells are filled with lipids.
  21. True or False:
    Glial cells conduct nerve impulses while neurons support the glial cells.
  22. True or False:
    Endocrine glands produce and release hormones.
  23. True or False:
    In negative feedback, the stimuli are intensified several folds before homeostasis is resumed.
  24. True or False:
    The walls of the stomach are lined with skeletal muscle tissue.
  25. True or False:
    Collagen and elastin are typically found in connective tissue.
  26. True or False:
    The function of simple squamous is diffusion.
  27. Match:
    Striated and involuntary muscle

    A. cardiac muscle
  28. Glands are derived from:

    B) epithelial tissue
  29. ____ is a specialized connective tissue that contains chondrocytes.

    B) cartilage
  30. Tendons and ligaments consist of:

    D) dense connective tissue
  31. A heat-sensitive neuron in your skin is an example of a:

    B) sensory receptor
  32. True or False:
    An XO woman is fertile.
  33. A hemophiliac woman marries a normal man. What are the chances of hemophilia occurring in their children?

    B) 50%

    • woman
    • X* X*

    • X XX* XX*
    • man
    • Y YX* YX* 50% of the offspring will be hemophiliacs!
  34. Match the Terms with Their Most Suitable Descriptions:

    ____ hemophilia

    E. X-linked recessive disorder
  35. Match the Terms with Their Most Suitable Descriptions:

    ____ Klinefelter syndrome

    C. individual has XXY genotype
  36. Match the Terms with Their Most Suitable Descriptions:

    ____ cystic fibrosis

    C. autosomal recessive disorder
  37. Match the Terms with Their Most Suitable Descriptions:

    ____ deletion

    B. Cri-du-chat
  38. Match the Terms with Their Most Suitable Descriptions:

    ____ Turner Syndrome

    G. individual has X0 genotype
  39. Match the Terms with Their Most Suitable Descriptions:

    ____ Down’s Syndrome

    F. individual has three of number 21
  40. Which of the blood components below contains the oxygen-transporting protein hemoglobin?

    C) red blood cells
  41. Respiration is controlled by sensors and effectors in the brain and carotid arteries that respond to a rise in _______ by _______ the rate of breathing.

    A) CO2; increasing
  42. Which ABO blood type is known as the universal donor?

    C) O
  43. Which of the following is not a component of plasma

    C) red blood cells
  44. Which of the following is NOT involved in the formation of a blood clot?

    B) albumin
  45. Four of the five answers listed below are components of the human respiratory system. Select the exception.

    B) esophagus
  46. What is the hormone that stimulates the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells?

    A) erythropoietin
  47. Excitation for a heartbeat is initiated in the:

    A) sinoatrial (SA) node
  48. True or False:
    Plasma is the cellular portion of blood
  49. True or False:
    Humans have open circulatory system
  50. True or False:
    Frog’s heart is divided in the middle, therefore oxygenated blood stays separated from the deoxygenated blood
  51. True or FalseGas exchange takes place in alveoli.
  52. Match:

    ____ bradycardia

    C. a slower than normal heart rate
  53. Match:

    ____ right atrium

    D. receives blood from body
  54. Match:

    ____ left atrium

    B. receives blood from lungs
  55. Match:

    ____ right ventricle

    D. pumps blood to lungs
  56. Match:

    ____ left ventricle

    E. pumps blood to body
  57. Match:

    ____ tachycardia

    E. a faster than normal heart rate
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