DH 1050 quiz review, questions copied from quizzes that I got wrong

  1. How do you improve image sharpness when it comes to film
    smaller crystal size in the film
  2. the developers initiates reaction reduces exposed silver halide crystals to black metallic.  Leaves unexposed silver halide crystals unaffected

    true of false
  3. to maintain freshness how often do you change processing solutions
    daily replenish
  4. Normal us of a processing chemistry is defined as ________ intraoral films per day
  5. the optimum temperature for a manual developer is
    68 degrees
  6. The restrainer stops development of ________ crystals but is most effective in stopping the development of _________
    • unexposed and exposed
    • unexposed
  7. how do you know if the fixer is exhausted
    radiograph turn yellow brown color because fixer no stop chemical reaction
  8. with the bitewing technique the vertical angulation of the central ray is changed to
  9. when do you use vertical bitewings
    patient with bone loss
  10. In labial mounting method radiographs placed in film mount with ______ side dot face viewer and viewed from the ______ aspect
    • raised
    • labial
  11. white spots and/or lines on processed film can be caused by all following except

    air bubbles
    static electricity
    torn emulsion
    scratched film
    fixer splashes on
    static electricity
  12. If the temperature of the proces solutions above normal how do you get a radiograph of desired density obtained
    decreasing the develop time
  13. how do you detect interproximal caries
    bite wings
  14. what viruses are passed through oral secretion
    • cytomegalovirus
    • Hep B
    • Herpes simplex
    • HIV
  15. in dental radiography what kind of instruments are used
    non critical
  16. Review semicritical instruments
    look up
  17. bisecting technique is what
    bisected angle = angle formed by the film and long axis of tooth
  18. primary benefit of film holders in bisecting technique
    reduced patient exposure
  19. in bisecting foreshortening occurs if the central ray directed perpendicular to ______
    plane of film
  20. How many radiographs do you take for an FMX
    14 recommended size 2 film placements
  21. what are the disadvantages of bisecting technique
    dimensional distortion
  22. overlap contacts happens because
    incorrect horizontal angulation
  23. Long distorted teeth appear because
    vertical angulation not right
  24. guidelines for prescribing radiographs
    a recall patient (look up chart in book)
  25. State and federal law say that a dental x-ray machine operates above 70kVp have a minimum total of ______ mm of aluminum filtration
  26. rectangular collimater REVIEW
  27. what PID reduces patient exposure the most
    16 inch rectangular PID
  28. The collimater used in panoramic radiography has an opening shape on the film that is
    narrow vertical
  29. If you get a reverse line smile in a panoramic radiograph its because of what
    chin tip up
  30. when would you use a ramus of mandible panoramic radiograph
    impacted 3rd molars
  31. In a transcranial projection panoramic radiograph what is shown
    superior surface of the condyle and articular eminence
  32. What classification of panoramic radiograph would you use to see the maxillary sinuses
    Waters projection
  33. What are radiographic intensifying screens used for
    reduce exposure time
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