Unit 43_studies

  1. "end (e.g. about the term)"
    "break up"
  2. "return after holidays"
    "go back"
  3. "register for a course"
    "sign up"
  4. "fail to complete a course"
    "drop out"
  5. "submit the final form of some work"
    "write up"
  6. "expell someone"
    "throw someone out of ..."
  7. "continue"
    "keep up "
  8. "practise and improve your skills or knowledge on something
    especially something partly forgotten"
  9. "to be asked in the exam (about a question or some issue)"
    "come up"
  10. "quickly try to learn the main facts about a subject"
    "mug up (on)"
  11. "just barely do something"
    "scrape through"
  12. "learn as much as you can about something
    especially right before an exam"
  13. "practise and improve your skills or knowledge on something"
    "polish up"
  14. "learn something by absorbing rather than studying it"
    "pick up"
Card Set
Unit 43_studies
It's based on English Phrasal Verbs in Use by Michael McCarthy and Felicity O'Dell