Cell Organelles

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  1. Cytoplasm

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    the jelly like substance that helps transport materials in the cell
  2. Cilia
    aid in locomotion and feeding, sweep substances along surfaces
  3. Chloroplast
    where photosynthesis occurs
  4. Centrioles

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    found in pairs, used in cell division
  5. Cell Wall
    Supports and protects plant cells
  6. Cytoskeleton
    framework fro the cell within the cytoplasm
  7. Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

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    protein synthesis
  8. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
    makes lipids
  9. Flagella
  10. golgi apparatus
    packages, modifies and ships proteins
  11. lysosome
    vesicle that contains digestive enzyme to break down cell parts
  12. mitochondria
    site of cellular respiration, ATP gets made
  13. Nucleus

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    controls all cell functions
  14. Nucleolus
    makes ribosomes
  15. Plasma membrane

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    controls movement in and out of cell
  16. ribosome
    makes protein
  17. vacuole
    storage unit
  18. nuclear pore

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    opening in nuclear membrane for things to pass through
  19. nuclear envelope

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    plasma membrane around nucleus
  20. Perioxisome
    digestive organelle
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