8th day quiz

  1. An initial Automatic Brake Pipe reduction of (blank) to (blank) should be made when the system is is fully charged.

    And at least a (blank) pounds greater than the total previous reduction is not fully recharged.

    6-8 pound reduction

    3 pounds
  2. What is the Maximum Dynamic Brake Value of a consist when any locomotive has Coupler Limiting Blocks?

    ref 5505D3a
    20 when any unit has coupler limiting blocks.
  3. When operating a locomotive consist with 20 or more axles, Brake Cylinder pressure should be kept below (blank) PSI when controlling speed or stopping.

    ref 5505A Independent Brake-general
  4. where can locations for checking the accuracy of the speed indicator on the controlling locomotive be found?

    Special Instructions (Timetable)
  5. If the engineer believes the automatic brake is not breaking properly what must the engineer do?
    Stop the train
  6. What position provides the 6-8 PSI reduction?


    Automatic Brake
  7. What are the five decertifying events?
    • SD Safety Device (Tampering with)
    • OS (Over Speed)
    • TB Air brake test (violation)
    • TS Main Track or Segment (without authority)
    • SI Stop Signal (violation)
  8. Can the engineer annul the
    Engineer Grip on the deadman pedal
    Air hose on the dead man pedal
    Debris (bags) covering alerter light
    Cutout safety devices without authority?
  9. According to rule 5402b, if your safety control device is defective, who must you contact to cut out the device?
    Train Dispatcher
  10. How does the engineer preform a Speed Indicator check?

    When checking a Speed Indicator try to maintain a constant speed to ensure an (...........)?
    Using the Timetable (special instructions)

    Accurate check
  11. The maximum time a locomotive can operate at the given output in throttle position #8 without risking damage to the traction motors is called?
    Short-Term rating
  12. The short time rating zone is red and divided into time increments of ?
    5, 15, 30, 60 minutes
  13. How many minutes must the engineer run outside of the short term rating zone to restore the maximum allowable time?
    20 minuts or more.
  14. When the available time in the short-time rating zone has expired cool the traction motors by:
    • Stopping movement
    • Reverser to center
    • Generator field Switch Off
    • Throttle position #4 for 20 minutes.
  15. What is "buff" force?
    Couplers in a state of Compression
  16. What is draft force?
    Couplers in a state of Tension
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