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  1. Who voices Probabilator the annoying ?
    None other the Weird Al Yankovic .
  2. Are Gideon and the government agents connected some how?
    Possibly because Gideon wears a flag on his suit like the government agents.
  3. Did the government agents appear in oher episodes besides Scary-Oke ?
    Yes in the crowd at Mabel's puppet show in sock opera. They also appear in the mall in Soos and the real girl.
  4. Why do Stan and his brother have a rivalry ?
    Because one ruined the others chance to get into there dream school .
  5. Is the rumor about Slenderman in Gobblewonker true?
    No it was photoshopped
  6. Who wrote the journals?
    None other then the twin brother of Gruncle Stan . Stanford Pines .
  7. In the episode The unconveniencing  Mabel eats smile dip. When you rewind it what does the dog say?
    This so creepy but the dog says ready? MUST DISTRUST GRUNCLE! Creepy right. The theory may or may not be true. Who Knows.
  8. In the theme song what does the whisper say?
    It sounds like I says forward I'm still here but backwards it says 3 letters back.
  9. What does Gideon say backwards while summoning Bill?
    Backwards message
  10. This is simple. What's all over Dipper's journal on the Bill Cipher page?
  11. What is the rating for Gravity Falls?
    It's TV-YZ.
  12. Why does Stan wear a bandage on his hand?
    In the Society of the Blindeye he gets scratched by a pipe.
  13. What are the plans for Gravity Falls when season 2 ends?
    They could either make a movie or a season 3.I know its sad. :'(
  14. Who is Soos's girlfriend?
    A girl named Melody he met in Soos and the real girl.
  15. What is Soos's real name?
    • Is real name is Jesus (pronounced Hey-Soos)
    • Alzimarano Ramirez.
  16. Is there a secret society in Gravity Falls?
    Its a possible. Actually yes. In the online game rumbles revenge it is revealed in codes in the game. Also the Blindeye Society is one society who knows how many more there are
  17. Is Tad Strange Bill Cipher 's brother ?
    No . He is a man who loves bread .
  18. Is this quiz over ?
    It depends were this question ends up .
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