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  1. ____ is referring to the printing that is past the edge of the sheet prior to trimming that will be trimmed off once it is printed. It is an area that is used to give printers room for inconsistencies or movements
    by the paper.
  2. The range of colors available on a device such as monitor or printer.
    color gamut
  3. ____ is when colors are divided up into four basic inks when printing full color photos and then the colors are printed on top of each other
    to create the final impression of finite colors.
    color separation
  4. The blank space or inside margins between two
    facing pages is known as the ______. It’s the extra space that is reserved for the binding of books and magazines.
  5. An important step in the prepress printing process, it consists in the arrangement of the printed product’s pages on the printer’s
    sheet, in order to obtain faster printing, and simplifying binding and reducing paper waste.

    With it you can minimize print time by maximizing the number of pages for each impression which increases overall efficiency by reducing the cost of materials and press time.
  6. The process of printing multiple pages on a piece of paper that when folded/cut they end up in proper order for the reader(s).
    printer spread
  7. Refers to how when you open a magazine, book, or pamphlet – you will see all the pages in the correct order from first to last. The pages that are next to each other are known as the _____.
    reader spread
  8. It is the general description for a pair of facing pages – usually the left and right pages in a book, magazine, newspaper, or pamphlet.
  9. What are the different "types" and in what order did they come in?
    • 1. Movable Type
    • 2. Linotype
    • 3. Monotype
    • 4. Phototypesetting
    • 5. Digital Typesetting
    • 6. CPT (Computer to Plate)
    • 7. Computer to Press
  10. List at least two things about Movable Type
    • Came from Guttenburg
    • All forms of movable type comes from Guttenburg's original creation
    • Before movable type, text was all set by hand per individual letter
    • Regarded as most important invention of the second millenium
  11. List at least two things about Linotype
    • Came from Ottmar Mergenthaler in 1884
    • Revolutionized typesetting
    • No newspaper in the world had more than 8 pages prior to Linotype
  12. List at least two things about monotype
    • Came from Tolbert Lanston in 1885
    • Was more versatile but slower and more expensive than Linotype
    • Used for more complicated copies such as equations and chemical formulas
  13. List at least two things about Phototypesetting
    • Hungarian engineer Eugene Porzolt designed the first photocomposing machine in 1894 but it did not become available until the 50s and 60s comercially.
    • Compugraphic produced phototypesetting machines in the 1970s made it economically feasible for smaller publications to professionally set their type
    • Quickly allowed projecting light through a film negative image of an individual character in a font through a lense that could magnify or reduce the size of the character onto film which would collect on a spool in a light-tight canister.
  14. List at least two things about Typesetting
    • Was an Early minicomputer based typesetting software introduced in the 70s and early 80s
    • Before the 80's all typesetting was usually done by specialist typesetting companies
    • In 1985 desktop publishing became available using digital typesetting with the macintosh and aldus pagemaker
  15. List at least two things about Computer to Plate (CTP)
    • Was first introduced in the mid 1990s
    • Eliminated time consuming past-ups
    • Allowed prepress department staff to be cut dramatically
  16. List at least two things about Computer-to-press
    • Computer to press printing is driving the printing industry due to its ability to print one off
    • It allows for variable data printing
    • Digital presses are particularly well suited to consumer generated web-to-print applications ranging from business cards to photobooks.
    • Allows for changes to be made without having to stop the press
  17. Who is known for being the father of Movable Type/Typesetting
    Gutenberg 1450
  18. What is regarded as the most important invention of the second millennium?
    Gutenberg's movable type printing
  19. Who revolutionized typesetting in 1884 and with what kind of type?
    Ottmar Mergenthaler 1884 with Linotype
  20. Who is known for his work in 1885 - and with what kind of type?
    Tolbert Lanston - Monotype
  21. What is the order of the print production process?
    • 1. Design
    • 2. Prepress
    • 3. Press
    • 4. Postpress
  22. What is the order of the web development workflow?
    • 1. Design
    • 2. Development
    • 3. Go Live
  23. What does JPEG stand for?
    Joint Photographic Experts Group
  24. What does PNG stand for?
    Portable Network Graphics
  25. What does TIFF stand for?
    Tagged Image File Format
  26. _____ is a prepress file format for raster data like photos, etc.
  27. _______ is an indexed color file, for raster data only. Primarily for synthetic, somewhat flat images such as logos, diagrams, navigation buttons, etc.
  28. What method of typesetting is it in which the characters are generated by coputer and transfered to light-sensitive paper or film by means of either pulses from a laser beam or moving rays of light from a stroboscopic source or a cathode ray tube?
    Digital Typesetting
  29. ________ is the process by which characters are assembled into formatted text for the purpose of producing print originals.
    Movable Type
  30. Using a keyboard similar to a typewriter, _____ assembles the metal matrices of letters and other characters and the interlaying spaces to form lines of print which are automatically cast using a lead alloy
  31. What is the shortcut for the page tool?
  32. What's the shortcut for document setup?
    command + option + p
  33. What's the shortcut for the place tool?
    command + D
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