A/B Law vocab 3/3

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  1. ambulatory
    changeable, revocable, movable
  2. amicable action
    litigation that is not adversarial; the parties enter the litigation to clear up a dispute or doubtful question of law
  3. amicus curiae
    friend of the court
  4. ancillary
    additional, auxiliary
  5. animo
    with intention
  6. animus
  7. animus furandi
    intent to steal
  8. animus revertendi
    intent to return
  9. anno domini
    in the year of the Lord (a.d)
  10. arbiter
    a referee; one chosen to decide an issue
  11. arguendo (latin)
    for the sake of argument
  12. array
    the whole body of prospective jurors
  13. asportation
    removal of objects from one lace to another with the intent to steal
  14. aver
    to declare, to allege
  15. avowal
    open declaration
  16. axiom
    • a self-evident truth
    • "all persons are equal before the law"
  17. bail
    money or other security given to ensure the appearance of a defendant
  18. bailee
    party to whom the property is given
  19. bailment
    status of the property given in trust, transfer of possession but not ownership
  20. bailor
    party who delivers the property in a bailment
  21. bar
    • 1: the collective body of attorneys
    • 2: the court
  22. barratry
    stirring up lawsuits
  23. barrister
    a British trial attorney
  24. barter
    contract by which parties exchange goods/barganing
  25. bench warrant
    arrest warrant issued directly by the judge
  26. bona fide
    in good faith
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