BME418 Ch. 5 (2)

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  1. equation for finding the thermal and chemical equilibrium by maximizing entropy of the isolated systems (with two sub-systems).
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  2. Entropy equation with energy exchange between the two sub-systems:
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  3. Entropy equation with particle exchange between the two sub-systems:
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  4. Entropy equation with volume change relative to the two sub-systems:
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  5. General Entropy equation:
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  6. Gibbs free energy considering a closed system (increase of entropy):
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  7. Equation where the Gibbs free energy is defined:
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  8. Equation Free energy minimization equivalent to maximization of entropy
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  9. Express harmonic oscillator mechanical energy using Taylor series, at equilibrium, and effective stiffness:
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  10. The stronger the bond, the greater .....
    The stronger the bond, the greater its vibrational frequency (and wavenumber)
  11. Entropy additional definition:
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  12. Boltzmann equation (entropy formula):
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  13. Possible ways for arrangements of (Np) protein molecules on a DNA molecule with N binding sites: (Multiplicity factor and Entropy)
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  14. Simplify the entropy of promoter binding to DNA:
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