Brachial Plexus

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  1. where is the location of musculocutaneous nerve?
    From lateral cord
  2. where is the location of the median nerve?
    from a branch of lateral and medial cord
  3. where is the location of the ulnar nerve?
    from medial cord.
  4. where is the location of the radial nerve?
    from posterior cord.
  5. where is the location of the axillary nerve?
    from posterior cord.
  6. Innervations:innervates muscles of upper limbs, neck and shoulders.
    brachial plexus
  7. Innervations: innervates flexor muscles in anterior arm (biceps, brachialis, and coracobrachialis)
    musculocutaneous nerve
  8. Innervations: innervates flexor muscles of forearm, the first two fingers, pronates forearm, flexes wrist and fingers, and opposes thumb
    Median nerve
  9. Innervations:innervates some flexor muscles in forearm and intrinsic hand muscles; also adducts and abducts medial fingers.
    Ulnar nerve
  10. Innervations: Innervates extensors of forearm and hand(elbow extension, supination of forearm, extension of wrist and fingers, and abduction of thumb; extends forearm.(triceps, brachioradialis)
    Radial nerve
  11. Innervations: innervates deltoid and teres minor muscles
    axillary nerve
  12. result of injury: brachial plexus
    causes weakness or paralysis of upper limbs
  13. result of injury:median nerve
    loss of pincher grasp(oppose thumb and index finger) thus can't pick up small objects.
  14. result of injury: ulnar nerve
    results in clawhand(last 2 fingers become hyperextended) thus can't spread fingers(abduct) and can't make a fist or grip objects
  15. result of injury: radial nerve
    results in wrist drop(unable to extend hand at wrist)
  16. musculocutaneous nerve location?
    from lateral cord
  17. Median nerve location?
    from a branch of lateral and medial cord
  18. ulnar nerve location?
    from medial cord
  19. radial nerve location?
    from posterior cord
  20. axillary nerve location?
    from posterior cord
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