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  1. Minimum inhibitory concentration
    The amount of drug that will inhibit the growth of an organism
  2. What is the MIC?
  3. Minimum bactericidal concentration
    Amount of drug that will kill an organism
  4. What is the MBC?
  5. Penicillins
  6. What are the classes of Beta lactams?
  7. Class
    Mechanisms of resistance for organisms is often the same within a ___________.
  8. Low
    A high or low MIC indicates that the organism is susceptible to that drug?
  9. No
    Would you use PCN against a staph infection?
  10. Yes
    Would you use PCN against a strep infection?
  11. Good: Streptococcus, S. pneumoniae
    Poor: H. influenza, Staph, E. faecalis, E. faecium, Peptostreptococcus, anaerobes
    No: gram negative, except H. influenza
  12. Describe the coverage of PCN as was shown on the chart in class:
  13. Streptococcal infections including: Streptococcus pyogenes (Group A), Streptococcus pneumoniae (PCN sensitive), Group B streptococcus
    Trepomena pallidum (syphilis)
    Neisseria meningitidis
    Peptostreptococcus infections (anaerobic infections - above the diaphragm)  (MOUTH)
  14. What is the general coverage of PCNs (not chart)?
  15. Pen G
    What is the IV preparation for PCN?
  16. Pen VK
    What is the Oral preparation or PCN?
  17. Renally
    How is PCN eliminated?
  18. 400,000 units = 250 mg
    250 mg of PCN is equivalent to how many units?
  19. 8-20
    What is the T1/2 of PCN in ESRD?
  20. 0.5-4 mU Q4hrs
    What is the Normal IV dose of PCN?
  21. 250-500 mg QID
    What is the Normal dose of PCN?
  22. 25-63 ug/mL (2 Mu IV)
    What is the peak level for PCN G?
  23. 5-6 ug/mL (500 mg)
    What are the peak levels for PCN VK?
  24. 0.5 hours
    What is the T1/2 of PCN in a patient with uncompromised renal function?
  25. IgE
    Allergy to PCN is mediated by what antibody?
  26. Neutropenia
    Interstitial nephritis
    Drug fever
  27. With long term use of PCNs, what AE can occur?
  28. Seizures
    If you do not adjust the PCN dose for renal insufficiency, what preventable AE do your risk?
  29. Time above MIC
    What is the most important kinetic/dynamic parameter in evaluating the efficacy of PCN?
  30. >4-6 stools/day for >1 week
    When a patient is on a PCN and develops diarrhea, at what point should you suggest they see their physician?
  31. Toxic epidermal necrosis
    A form of anaphylaxis
  32. What is TEN?
  33. G+ bugs, some minimal G- coverage
    Group A strep
    S. pneumonia
    E. faecalis
    G-: H. influenza, N. gonorrhea
  34. What coverage (from the charts shown in class) does ampicillin have?
  35. No
    Do Aminopenicillins cover Staph?
  36. 4x better than PCN G/VK
    How does Ampicillin’s coverage of E. faecalis compare to PCN G/VK?
  37. Ampicillin = IV or oral
    Amoxacillin = oral
    What are the dosage forms/route of administration available for aminopenicillins?
  38. Amoxicillin – better bioavailability (80%) vs. ampicillin (50%)
    Which aminopenicillin has better oral availability?
  39. Renally
    How are aminopenicillins eliminated?
  40. Amoxacillin
    Which aminopenicillin has a SR formulation?
  41. Ampicillin: 250-500 Q6h PO, or 50-200 mg/kg IV/day
    Amoxicillin 250-1000 mg TID
  42. What are the normal doses for Aminopenicillins?
  43. 1 hour in normal kidney function
    7-20 hours in renal insufficiency
  44. What is the half-life for ampicillin?
  45. Ampicillin: 120 ug/mL (2 grams IV)
    Amoxicillin: 5.5-7.5 ug/mL (500 mg PO)
  46. What are the peak levels for Aminopenicillins?
  47. Ampicillin: Streptococci, Enterococci, Listeria meningitis
    Amoxicillin: Anthrax (in pregnancy), Pharyngotonsillitis, H. pylori, Otitis media infection – 1st episode
  48. What are the aminopenicillins used for (not from the chart)?
  49. Enterococcal
    Ampicillin is the drug of choice for what type of infections?
  50. Nafcillin, oxacillin,dicloxacillin,cloxacillin
    What are the penicillinase resistant penicillins?
  51. Nafcillin
    What are the IV penicillinase resistant penicillins?
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