History 2020 Chp.16-19 (4)

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  1. Believed in economic independence and a slow transition for blacks into free society; preached accommodation to the racial caste system and accepted segregation (so long as separate facilities were equal); abandon agitation for civil and political rights
    Booker T. Washington
  2. Democrat Woodrow Wilson's political slogan in the presidential campaign of 1912; Wilson wanted to improve the banking system lower tariffs, and by breaking up monopolies, gives small businesses freedom to compete
    New Freedom
  3. Outlaws child labor in the manufacture of goods sold in interstate commerce (One way Wilson tried to implement his version of Progressivism)
    Keating-Owen Act
  4. Debs would receive more than 900,000 votes for president in 1912. In that year, the socialist ___, published the largest weekly newspaper in the country, and socialist Max Hayes polled one third of the vote when he challenged Samuel Gompers for the presidency of the AFL
    Appeal to Reason
  5. Mckinley's victory shattered the political stalemate that had persisted since this year and created one of the most enduring political majorities in American history. Also provided to be the presidential election with extremely high voter turnout
    Election of 1896
  6. Organization of nations to meditate disputes and avoid war established after World War 1 as part of the Treaty of Versailles; President Woodrow Wilson's "Fourteen Points" speech to Congress in 1918 proposed the formation of the league, which the United States never joined
    League of Nations
  7. British passenger liner sunk by a German U'boat, May 7, 1915, creating a diplomatic crisis and public outrage at he loss of 128 Americans; Germany agreed to pay reparations and the United States waited two more years to enter World War 1
  8. Battleship that exploded in Havana Harbor on February 15, 1898, resulting in 266 deaths; the American public, assuming that the Spanish had mined the ship, clamored for war, and the Spanish American War was declared two months later
    U.S.S. Maine
  9. Supreme court decision in 1886 overturning San Francisco law that, as enforced, discriminated against Chinese owned laundries; established principle that equal protection of the law embodied in 14th Amendment applied to all Americans, not just former slaves
    Yick Wo v. Hopkins
  10. One of the dirtiest elections of time. James Blaine (half breed, republican) ran against democrat Grover Cleveland. Cleveland circulated statement of Protestant minster that labeled democrats as the party of "rum, romanism, and rebellion." Cleveland- First democrat elected since 1856 
    -Significance: scandalous child, labeling of party
    -Cleveland vetoed 66% of bills
    Election of 1884
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