Laboratory 3 Info

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  1. Lentic
    term used to identify an aquatic community that is characterized by standing water as opposed to flowing water
  2. Biotic
    Living Organisms
  3. Abiotic
    physical and chemical factors
  4. Autotrophs
    yield primary production of organic material that is the foundation of the community
  5. Heterotrophs
    • Those who feed on autotrophs
    • can either be herbivorous or carnivorous
  6. Littoral Zone
    shallow area near the shore
  7. Limnetic Zone
    open, offshore area of the lake
  8. Trophogenic Zone
    extends from the water surface to the depth of light penetration
  9. Phytoplankton
    Microscopic chlorophyll-containing bacteria and protists
  10. Tropholytic Zone
    • middle zone characterized by the lack of light penetration into the water column
    • extends down to the area immediately above the bottom sediments
  11. Zooplankton
    Bacteria and protists that are more "animal-like"
  12. Profundal Zone
    characterized by the bacterial decomposition of the remains of plants, animals, and other organisms that lived and died in the lake
  13. Thermal Stratification
    layering effect of warmer water over cooler water
  14. As water becomes warmer...
    capacity to hold dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide decreases
  15. As water becomes cooler...
    capacity to hold dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide increases
  16. What factors affect the concentration of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide?
    • Water temperature
    • Photosynthesis
    • Respiration in the cells of organisms living in the water
  17. Photosynthesis
    carbon dioxide is used up and oxygen is produced
  18. Respiration
    characterized by the production of ATP; uses oxygen and produces carbon dioxide
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