NAPE test questions

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  1. How can you lose your license?
    Drinking on the job,sleeping on the job,negligence,failure to renew.
  2. What must you do if you change jobs?
    You must notify City Hall if you change jobs, change address or retire.
  3. Why should you do rounds?
    • So you can find small problems before they become big problems.
    • Keeping permanent records will make it easy to forecast future breakdowns.
    • Keeping a history will tell you how things have operated in the past.
  4. What is a Steam boiler?
    A steam boiler is a closed vessel partly filled with water, under pressure, that transforms water to steam with the application of heat.
  5. What are the requirements of a good boiler?
    • Safe
    • Accessible for cleaning and repair
    • Responsive to demands
    • Efficient
    • Adequate steam and water space
    • Designed to accommodate expansion and contraction
    • Simple
  6. Name and describe three types of heat transfer in a boiler operation?
    • Radiant heat- Heat is transmitted from a hot body to a cold body by means of direct radiation. Ex:Heat from the sun reaches us by radiation
    • Conduction heat- Heat is passed by physical contact. Ex:A cup of coffee is heated by conduction when the hot coffee touches the cup.
    • Convection heat- Heat is carried along by a moving body such as air or water. Ex:Your living room is heated by warm air from a furnace.
  7. What is a combustion chamber?
    The are of the boiler where the complete burning of fuel occurs.
  8. What is an internally fired boiler? Name four types?
    • Internally fired boilers have the grates and the combustion chamber enclosed within the boiler shell.
    • Vertical fire tube
    • Locomotive
    • Cast iron package boiler
    • Scotch Marine
  9. What is an externally fired boiler? Name four types?
    Externally fired boilers have the settings including the furnace and grates separate and distinct from the shell.
  10. What is a crown sheet and its purpose? 
    What is a tube sheet and its purpose?
    • The crown sheet in a vertical fire tube boiler holds the tubes and is thicker because it is exposed to the fire.
    • The tube sheet holds the tubes and doesn't see the fire.
  11. What is a water leg on a boiler?
    • It is the space between the outer shell and the furnace shell containing boiler water.
    • It absorbs heat that would be wasted and increases the capacity of the boiler.
    • The surfaces are flat and must be stayed.
  12. Is an HRT boiler set level or inclined and why? 
    Are HRT boiler tubes set level or inclined and why?
    • HRT boilers are inclined 1 to 3 inches front to rear for drainage and removal of impurities.
    • Boiler tubes are just inclined with the boiler shell front to rear for drainage and removal of impurities.
  13. Name two ways to support and take care of expansion and contraction of an HRT boiler?
    Which way is best?
    • It can be saddles equipped with rollers to permit movement of the boiler as it expands and contracts.
    • It may also be suspended from hangers and supported by overhead beams.
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