American Cultures American Revolution ID Quiz Key Terms

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  1. Sugar Act
    a. Indirect tax on sugar (molasses) that made money for British

    b. Raised the issue of unfair taxation
  2. Declaratory Act
    a. Repealed the Stamp Act and stated that Parliament deserves the right to tax

    b. Colonists failed to past the repeal of the Stamp Act, therefore becoming even more upset when Britain issued more Acts
  3. Thomas Paine
    a. Political thinker and writer from England who moved to America and wrote Common Sense

    b. Wrote what people at that time were thinking but were afraid to say, and urged American colonists to break from Britain
  4. Sons of Liberty
    a. Patriot group led by Samuel Adams who led resistances against the British

    b. Their riots, mobs, and protests caused more tension between the colonies and the British that eventually resulted in the  merican Revolution
  5. Non-importation
    a. Another word for boycott, meaning colonists refused to buy goods British were taxing

    b. This was an effective way of resisting the British taxation, lowered Britain’s economy
  6. Committees of Correspondence
    a. Purpose was to warn neighboring colonies about incidents with Britain

    b. Spread the colonial interpretation of British actions between the colonies, also was the beginning of what later became a formal political union among the colonies
  7. Coercive Acts
    a. Also known as the Intolerable Acts, passed by Britain after the Boston Tea Party and included the Boston Port Bill, Massachusetts Government Act, New Quartering Act, and Administration of Justice Act

    b. Massachusetts received sympathy from other colonies, also led to the summoning of the First Continental Congress
  8. First Continental Congress
    a. Convention of delegates from each colony except Georgia to discuss how to respond to the Coercive Acts and the Quebec Act

    b. It was the first successful effort of the American colonies to unite under a common cause towards a separation from Britain
  9. Thomas Jefferson
    a. Elected governor of Virginia who later became the third president of America

    b. Wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence, which officially declared independence from Britain
  10. Paul Revere
    a. Patriot made famous by his midnight right to warn the Minutemen of approaching British soldiers before Battle at Lexington and Concord

    • b. Alarmed the Minutemen, also created a widely circulated propaganda with his exaggerated
    • sketch of the Boston Massacre that influenced colonists’ impressions of the British and the incident
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