Government Vocabulary Ch 24

  1. aggression
    an attack or threat of attack made by another country
  2. deterrence
    keeping a strong defense to discourage aggression by other nations
  3. diplomacy
    the relations and communications carried out between countries
  4. summit meeting
    a meeting at which the President talks about important issues with heads of other governments
  5. foreign aid
    a program of giving military and economic help to other countries
  6. sanctions
    measures to stop or limit trade with another nation in order to change its behavior
  7. intelligence
    information about another country and what its government plans to do
  8. national Security Council
    Advises the president on the country's safety
  9. National Security Advisor
    the director of the NSC
  10. isolationism
    a foreign policy that seeks to limit our relations with other countries as much as possible
  11. neutrality
    a policy of not taking sides in wars between other countries
  12. containment
    a policy of using military power and money to prevent the spread of communism
  13. d├ętente
    a loosening of tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union
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Government Vocabulary Ch 24
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