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    • what does MC3DLK stand for
    • marine corps third generation DLK
  1. what is a modular deployable set of containers stocked with mecessary equipment and resources designed to establish high-speed tactical local area network connectivity
  2. what office will provide oversight of the MC3DLK
    PEO C4I NTCSS program office PMW-150
  3. what is the dimensions of the MC3DLK of the outside external
    • L 8'
    • W 6' 5.5''
    • H 8'
  4. how many tricons can be securely locked together with a slack-free connection and shipped as one unit
  5. how many tricons are contained within each MC3DLK
  6. what does CARC stand for
    chemical agent resistant coating
  7. what type of paint is used to paint MC3DLK
  8. what type of door mechanism is located on the tricon contained within the MC3DLK
    anti-rack locking bar
  9. how will a tricon be labeled
    with black CARC paint to identify DLK unit, Tricon, and side
  10. where are inventory plates located
    on each side inside the right door
  11. what are the internal shelves constructed of
    aluminum-conuted plywood
  12. how many tricons make up a DLK
  13. how many end users devices per tricon
  14. how many fiber optic and RJ-45 copper port for each MC3DLK tricon
    • 50 fiber
    • 470 copper ports
  15. how many and what color for the 75 foot cable
    • 50
    • green
  16. how many and what color for the 50 foot cable
    • 100
    • blue
  17. how many and what color for the 25 foot cable
    • 150
    • gray
  18. when should a full DLK (4 tricons) be used
    in an ACE or up
  19. what does PCSU stand for
    portable core switching unit
  20. what are the egress options suuported by the MC3DLK
    • 10/100/1000 ethernet
    • cisco HDLC
    • PPP
    • media converters are included primarily for the comm squadron connection
  21. what is designed to be the core-switching unit for the deployed aviation unit
  22. what does MSCU stand for
    mobile server/comm unit
  23. what is the role for the MC3DLK tricon MSCU
    primarily used as a shared data repository and ACE egrees
  24. how many complete MC3DLK are there
  25. who owns the MC3DLK
    the wing ALDs
  26. when will an inventory be done on a MC3DLK
  27. what does RIP/TOA stand for
    remain in place/transfer of authority
  28. how soon before departure should a pre-deployment inventory be performed
    30 days
  29. what are the two types of deployments
    • initial insertion
    • occupation or rotational relief
  30. what is the minimum forklift rating that is required to move a single tricon
  31. what does MTVR stand for
    medium tactical vechicle replacement
  32. what is used to transport tricons via motor vechicle
  33. what is used to transfer tricons via shipboard
  34. what does LSA stand for
    land sea air
  35. what is the name of the cargo palettes
    463L cargo Palettes
  36. what is a set of small, lightweight expandable steel legs that attach to the bottom of the tricon
    LSA adapter
  37. what is required for fixed wing transportation of tricons
    LSA Adapters
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