1. Factions
    groups of like minded people who try to influence the government. American gov is set up to avoid domination by any one of these groups
  2. Separation of power
    Division of government power across 3 different branches
  3. Checks and Balances
    System in which each branch of gov has some power over the others
  4. Federalism
    division of power across local, state, and national levels of gov
  5. public goods
    Service or actions that once provided by one person can become available to everyone. Gov is typically needed to provide these things
  6. Collective action problem
    When it would benefit members of a group to work together but each individual is better off refusing to cooperate and to reap benefits off of those who do the work
  7. free rider problem
    the incentive to benefit from others work with out helping
  8. Politics
    the process of determining what the gov does
  9. Free market
    An economic system based on competition among businesses with out government interference
  10. conservative
    low taxes, free market, limited gov, republican
  11. Liberal
    strong gov, market regulations, democrat
  12. Articles of Confederation
    1st from of gov after the revolutionary war. Restricted nat gov to much
  13. monarchy
    form of gov where power is held by just one person or monarch who inherits position
  14. republican democracy
    form of gov where interests of people are represented through elected leaders
  15. federalist 10
    written by James Madison. described main problem with gov as the need to control factions
  16. federalist 51
    stated the reasons for the need of a republican government and a system of separated powers
  17. Federalists
    Those at the constitutional convention that favored a strong national government and a system of separated powers
  18. Anti-Federalist
    Those at the constitutional convention who supported strong state gov and feared that strong national gov would impose on individual rights
  19. pluralism
    the idea that having a variety of parties and interests will strengthen the system. Ensuring no group gains total control
  20. virginia plan
    Plan proposed by larger states during CC that beaded representation in the national legislature on population
  21. New jersey plan
    response to Virginia smaller states at the CC. said each state no matter size should have equal representation in legislature
  22. great compromise or Connecticut plan
    A compromise between large and small states on representation that said congress would have 2 houses each based on population and having same amount of reps
  23. reserved powers
    defined in 10th amendment, powers that are not given to nat gov or prohibited to state are reserved to the states
  24. Supremacy clause
    Article 6 section 2 constitution states that the constitution and laws and treaties are the "supreme law of the land"
  25. power of purse
    congresses ability to raise and spend money. congress can use this as a checking power by freezing funds to certain branches
  26. Enumerated powers
    powers explicitly granted by congress, the press, or supreme court in the first 3 articles of constitution
  27. implied powers
    powers that are supported by constitution but not actually written
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