Agro Section 1

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  1. Problems with conventional agriculture (6 themes)
    • Intensive tillage.
    • Monoculture.
    • Use of synthetic fertilizer.
    • Irrigation.
    • Chemical pesticides and herbicide.
    • Manipulation of plant genomes.
  2. Why is conventional agriculture not sustainable (7 answers)
    • Soil degradation.
    • Waste/overuse of water.
    • Pollution of the environment.
    • Dependence on external inputs.
    • Loss of genetic diversity (monoculture).
    • Loss of local control of agricultural production.
    • Global inequality (devoloping nations growing food for export, economy over ecology)
  3. FFT 1:
    How does holistic approach of agroecology allow or the integration of ecological soundness, economic viability, and social equity
  4. FFT 1: Why has it been so difficult for humans to see that much of the environmental degradation caused by conventional ag. is a consequence of the lack of an ecological approach to ag.?
  5. FFT 1:
    What common ground is there between agronomy and ecology with respect to sustainable agriculture?
  6. FFT 1 What are the issues of greatest importance that threaten the sustainability of agriculture in the town/region you live?
  7. Levels of ecological organization:
    Organism, population, community, ecosystem
  8. Structural properties of communities (5 topics)
    • Species diversity.
    • Dominance and relative abundance.
    • Vegetative structure.
    • Trophic structure.
    • Stability.
  9. 2 most important functions of Natural Ecosystems:
    Energy flow & Nutrient cycling duhhh
  10. FFT 2:
    What kinds of changes need to made in the design and management of agriculture so that we can come closer to farming in "nature's image"?
  11. FFT 2:
    How can modern agriculture solve the problem of returning nutrients to the farm agroecosystems where they are used from?
  12. FFT 2:
    Ecosystem stability. Ecologists claim that there is no such thing as stability in ecosystems, since change is constant and disturbance inevitable. Agroecologists, strive for stability of agroecosystem structure and function. How is the conept of stability being applied differently in these different contexts?
  13. Define: Agroecology
    the application of concepts and principles to the design and management of sustainable agroecosystems.
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