Level H: Unit 2 Syn/Ant

  1. aegis (s)
  2. apprise (s)
    acquaint, notify
  3. apprise (a)
    keep secret, withhold information
  4. bibulous (s)
    inebrious, alcoholic
  5. bibulous (a)
    teetotaling, abstemious, temperate
  6. claque (s)
    fan club, flatterers, hangers-on
  7. deracinate (s)
    extirpate, eradicate, expunge
  8. deracinate (a)
    implant, nurture, foster, instill
  9. eleemosynary (s)
    philanthropic, beneficent
  10. eleemosynary (a)
    selfish, self-seeking, uncharitable
  11. indigenous (s)
    endemic, domestic, homegrown
  12. indigenous (a)
    foreign, alien, exoteric, imported
  13. lachrymose (s)
    tearful, doleful, dolorous
  14. lachrymose (a)
    dry-eyed, cheerful, merry, hilarious
  15. lexicon (s)
    wordbook, glossary
  16. melee (s)
    fracas, brawl, scuffle, donnybrook
  17. melee (a)
    friendly chat, peace and quiet
  18. microcosm (s)
    epitome, world in little
  19. microcosm (a)
    universe, macrocosm, cosmos, totality
  20. minuscule (s)
    (adj) infinitesimal, insignificant
  21. minuscule (a)
    (adj) huge, massive, monumental
  22. obfuscate (s)
    muddy the waters
  23. obfuscate (a)
    clarify, elucidate, explicate
  24. paternalism (s)
    benevolence, solicitude, fatherliness
  25. polarize (s)
    split, divide, alienate, estrange
  26. polarize (a)
    unite, unify, reconcile
  27. purview (s)
    jurisdiction, orbit
  28. sanguine (s)
    flushed, rosy
  29. sanguine (a)
    bloodless, ashen, pessimistic, gloomy
  30. solecism (s)
    misusage, blunder, faux pas
  31. solecism (a)
    correct usage
  32. vassal (s)
    • (n) menial, minion
    • (adj) servile
  33. vassal (a)
    (n) overlord
  34. verisimilitude (s)
    realism, lifelikeness, authenticity
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Level H: Unit 2 Syn/Ant