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  1. escent
    become; convalescent; aiding in gradual recovery
  2. ette
    small, female; suffragette; a woman advocate of female suffrage
  3. eu
    good, pleasant; eulogy; a speech in praise of a person or thing
  4. flu, fluc, flux
    flow; fluctuate; to continually change
  5. fus
    pour; fuse; a tube or cord filled or saturated with combustible matter for igniting an explosive
  6. gyn
    woman; gunecology; the branch of medical science that deals with the health maintainance and diseases of women
  7. here, hes
    stick; coesion; molecular force between particles which causes attraction
  8. homo
    same; homonym; a word pronounced the same as another but with different meaning
  9. ism
    belief in; monotheism; the belief in one God
  10. ite
    follower of; Israelite; follower of Jacob
  11. lateral
    side; bilateral; pertaining to or involbing two parties, sides, or factions
  12. mand
    command, to order; mandatory; authoritatively ordered; not optional
  13. mania
    madness, insanity; maniac; a ravin or violently insane person
  14. meta
    change; metamorphosis; a profound change in form during an organism's life
  15. morph
    form; metamorphosis; a profound change in form during an organism's life
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