Chapter 26 Bio T1

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  1. taxonomy
    name to group them (morphology)

    is a changing science b/c we're constantly learning who's related to who
  2. systematics
    grouped according to evolutionary traits
  3. Taxonomy hierarchical system
    • Domain 
    • Super Group 
    • Phyla
    • Class
    • Order 
    • Family 
    • Genera/Genus
    • Species

    Decadent sensual king Phillip came over for great sex
  4. Canis lupis (binomial nomenclature)
    capitalize Genus lowercase species both underlined 
  5. Phylogenetic Tree
    • evolutionary history of a species or group of species 
    • *is a hypothesis and is subject to change
  6. anagenesis
    1 species has continuous change and where you start and end don't interbreed 

  7. cladogenesis
    • start with 1 and diverge into 2 specieis (ie branching of finches with Darwin) 
    • genetic change, then environment acts upon that 

    •         ---->
    • --->
    •         ---->
  8. Monophyletic group  (clades)
    one family, take branch from bottom of tree (can have smaller clade)
  9. Paraphyletic
    some but not all descendants
  10. polyphyletic
    many families maybe not some ancestors
  11. mono,para,polyphyletic
    Image Upload 1
  12. over time taxonomic groups will be reorganized to only be monophyletic
    yupp....that might be a thing
  13. homology
    • traits from similar origin
    • ie limbs of bat wings, human arms, and cat front leg = evo devo!
  14. morphological analysis 

    convergent evolution
    • traits arise independently due to adaptations to similar environments (ie wing of penguin, fin of fish, dolphin flapper)
    • similar appearance but different use
  15. Molecular Systematics
    Analysis of DNA and AA sequences
  16. Cladistics
    • Study and classification of species based
    • on evolutionary relationships
  17. memorize this and be able to answer questions
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  18. horizontal gene transfer
    • DNA from SOME OTHER organism 
    • no common ancestor
  19. Vertical evolution
    • descent from COMMON ancestor
    • Parent to offspring
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