Nursing Diagnosis Notecards

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  1. What is the second step of the nursing process?
    Nursing Diagnosis
  2. What is the reasoning process in which a statement or conclusion is written regarding the patient's problem that requires nursing interventions?
  3. What is used to interpret assessment data and identify patient problems?
    critical thinking
  4. What does NANDA stand for and what are they used for?
    North American Nursing Diagnosis Association; diagnostic categories
  5. made by registered nurses; includes the domain in which the nurses are educated and licensed to treat; describes a continuum of health, states deviations from health, presence of risk factors, and areas of personal growth are all what?
    characteristics of nursing diagnosis
  6. What are the 3 steps to the diagnostic process?
    1. analyze data 2. identify health problems (risks and strengths) for concept map. 3. formulate the diagnostic statement
  7. this step of diagnosing compares a patient's database against standards or norms, uses cluster clues, and identifies gaps and inconsistencies
    step 1 Analyze Data
  8. How do you compare database data against standards or norms?
    identify abnormals, highlight them, red number them
  9. How are cluster cues used to analyze data?
    you determined 3 or more red numbered assessments that can be grouped together as a specific patient problem
  10. how do you identify gaps and inconsistencies while analyzing data?
    by making sure all assessments support each other and everything is complete
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