9th grade roots.txt

  1. ab
    away, from, off; abeyance- temporary inactivity, cessation, or suspension
  2. acer, acid, acri
    bitter, sour, sharp; acerate- shaped like a needle
  3. ad
    to, toward; advise- to give recommendation to
  4. ag, act
    to do, to act; agility- the ability to nove quickly and easily
  5. ambul
    walk; ambulate- to move about from place to place
  6. anim
    mind, will, spirit; inanimate- without life or spirit
  7. aug, act
    increase; august- inspiring rverence or admiration
  8. cand
    white, glowing; candescent- glowing white
  9. corp
    body; corpse- a dead body
  10. crypt
    secret, hidden; cryptogram- a message or writing in code or cipher
  11. culp
    fault, blame; inculpable- not responsible, blameless
  12. cur, curs
    run; occur- to come to pass
  13. dys
    bad, ill, difficult; dysfunctional- having a malfunctioning part or element
  14. E, ex
    out, away, from; exlude- to shut out
  15. err
    wander, stray; aberrant- straying from the usual path or method
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