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    • what is the yellow indicate in the system heath dialog
    • data status cannot be determine
  1. what does Red X indicate in system health dialog
    data out of date
  2. what does a green check mean in system health dialog
    data valid, up to date
  3. what do you want to do with paths that are no longer connected and why
    need to be removed or JMPS will break/freeze trying to find that data from a path no longer in existence
  4. how long can DAFIF retain DAFIF data
    two months
  5. where can you view E-CHUM and DAFIF are up to date
    system health
  6. once E-CHUM is imported what is associated with the imported data
    • notes
    • cautions
    • warnings
  7. what types of computers are employed by JMPS users
    • cf-51
    • cf-52
  8. what are the two types of networks available to JMPS
    • JMPS workgroups
    • COMPOSE domain
  9. when is DAFIF distributed
    every 28 days
  10. what does VTC stand for
    video tele-conference
  11. what is a set of interactive telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmission simultaneously
    video-teleconference or VTC
  12. what is another name for VTC
    visual collaboration
  13. why does videophone call differ from VTC
    because they serve individuals, not groups
  14. what is higher cost than videophone and deploys greater capabilities and allows two or more locations to communicate
  15. what is a high-end videoconferencing system and service usually employed by enterprise-level corporate offices
    telepresence system
  16. what does ITU stand for
    international telcommunications union
  17. what are the three standards for VTC
    • ITU H.320
    • H.264 SVC
    • ITU V.80
  18. what does SVC stand for
    scalable video coding
  19. what does codec stand for
  20. what are the components required for a VTC
    • video input
    • video output
    • audio input
    • audio output
    • data transfer
  21. what does MCU stand for
    multipoint control unit
  22. what are the two types of VTC system
    • dedicated systems
    • desktop systems
  23. what are the common components in a standard VTC network
    • call server
    • video endpoint
    • multipoint control unit
    • gateways
    • ethernet switch
  24. what is a device from which users make and recieve calls
    video endpoint
  25. what performs the registration and call control processing functions
    call server
  26. what acts as bridge that interconnects calls from three or more video endpoints
    • MCU
    • multipoint control unit
  27. what is required in order for VTC endpoints to communicate with the PSTN or legacy network and is a standalone hardware that provides access to other larger IP networks and/or circuit switched telephone networks like the PSTN
  28. what does PSTN stand for
    public switched telephone network
  29. what type of system are add-ons to normal PCs, transforming them into VTC devices
    desktop systems
  30. what type of system has all required components packaged into a single piece of equipment, usually a console with a high quality remote controlled video camera
    dedicated systems
  31. what are the different types of VTC architecture
    • point-to-point
    • multi-point
  32. what is the most basic architecture configuration for a VTC network
  33. how is simultaneous videoconferencing amoung three or more remote points is possible
  34. what does DCO stand for
    defense connect online
  35. what does DLIS stand for
    defense logistics information services
  36. what does ROLMS stand for
    retail ordnance logistics management systems
  37. how many people can connect with DCO
  38. what does IRC stand for
    internet relay chat
  39. what is a unified vulnerability management and compiance solution designed to help government departments and agencies with vulnerability assessment and compliancy by defineing and monitoring relevant IT controls
  40. what monitors both vulnerablitiy and configuration of your IT assests
  41. what does TCs stand for
    trouble calls
  42. what does TRs stand for
    trouble reports
  43. what does CPs stand for
    change proposals
  44. what approves and publish training plans, as well as to record and report scheduled T&R completion
  45. what does T&R stand for
    training and readiness
  46. what does SMTS stand for
    software maintenance and tracking systems
  47. what establishes an efficient, standardized tracking tool that is used by SPAWAR systems centers to document and track all life cycle support issues relative to application software
  48. what is the primary source for submitting trouble calls to SPAWAR
  49. what are the supply/logistics applications
    • FED LOG
    • ASK-IT
    • SAMMS
  50. what does FED LOG stand for
    federal logistics data
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