Unit 42_classroom

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  1. submit (eg one's work)
    give/hand in
  2. give something to everyone in the room
    give/hand out
  3. a piece of paper with some text given to each person in the class
    a handout
  4. clean (eg the board)
    rub out
  5. find the solution without using a calculator
    work out
  6. to put a line through (use strikethrough)
    cross out
  7. forget to answer a question
    miss out
  8. fail to fulfill one's responsibilities within given time
    fall behind
  9. reach the same standard as someone else // meet someone you know, after not seeing them for a period of time
    catch up
  10. did one's exam badly
    miss up
  11. open something that was folded
    spread out
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This set is based on 'English Phrasal Verbs in Use' by Michael McCarthy and Felicity O'Dell.
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