1. Source
    made of plants (aloe vera, ginger, sage, eucalyptus leaves, amapola), animal( pigs, horse, mold), senthetics, minerals( epsom salt, sulfur)
  2. Food and Drug Act (FDA)
    Was established in 1906 and is the first law regulating the sales of drugs.
  3. Controlled Substance Act
    Established in 1970, enacted by congress to regulate drugs with high potential for abuse.
  4. Preventive
    used to prevent illnesses
  5. Therapeutic
    used to treat illnesses
  6. Replacement
    given to patients to replace what the body no longer produces
  7. Diagnostic
    used to help in diagnosis of some illnesses
  8. Schedule I
    substances are those that have no accepted medical use in the Untied States and have high abuse potential. Substances can be used for research purposes but Doctors must apply with DEA for license.
  9. Schedule II
    have high abuse potiential with severe psychic or physical dependence liability. Substances consist of certain narcotics, stimulant, and depressant drugs.To prescribe Doctor must use a triplicate.
  10. Schedule III
    Substances have an abuse potential less then CI & CII, and include compunds containing limited quantities of certain narcotic drugs and non- narcotic dugs.
  11. Schedule IV
    have an abuse potential less than those listed in CIII.
  12. Schedule V
    have an abuse potential less than those listed in CIV and consist primarily of preparations containing limited quantities of certain narcaotic and stimulant drugs generally for antitussive, antidiarrheal, and analgesic purposes. OTC drugs and RX can be called in
  13. Chemical Name
    exact chemical content
  14. Generic Name
    simplier form that comes from the chemical name. Any manufacturer can produce drugs with this name.
  15. Brand/ Trade
    Patented form. Only manufacturer that made it can use this name for the drug.
  16. Prescription
    is an order to the Pharmacist from the physician to supply patient with a certain drug. It is also considered a legal document.
  17. Oral
    taken by mouth
  18. Vaginal
    inserted in the vagina
  19. Innunction
    applied to the skin
  20. instillation
    medicated drops
  21. Irrigation
    used to flush (wounds, eyes, ears, etc.)
  22. Transdermal
    medicated patches
  23. Parenteral
    Intravenous, Intramuscular, and Subcutaneous routes for injections
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