Psych final

  1. Id is to _______ as ego is to _________.
    pleasure principle; reality principle
  2. Which of the following is the earliest of Freuds psychosexual stages
    the oral stage
  3. Karen has an anal fixation. This fixation may express itself in Karen's adult behaviors of:
    being overly neat, stingy and orderly
  4. Alfred Adler believed that:
    moderate feelings of inferiority will result in constructive achievement and creative growth
  5. Freuds Prospective on personality development has been criticized:
    all these statements are criticism of Freud's perspective on personality
  6. The validity of Gordon Allport's _________ describing how we behave across all situations has been called into question since he had difficulty finding these traits in all people he studied.
    cardinal traits
  7. Brandon is rigid, reliable, sober and controlled. According to Hans Eysenck, Brandon is
  8. which of the following is not one of the core dimensions proposed by Costa and Robert McCrae's five factor theory?
  9. According to current research, differing levels of neurotransmitter _________ may account for differences in the way we seek out levels of arousal.
  10. the trait perspective of personality has been critized because
    it does not explain why we behave in a particular way
  11. According to Albert Bandura's reciprocal determinism, personality is the product of which of the following
    the environment, one's behaviors and one's thoughts
  12. Which of the following statements is not consistent with Albert Bandura's veiws.
    If you think you will succeed then you will succeed
  13. Nick is not sure whether he will get into graduate school.
    an external locus of control
  14. locus of control theory
    internal locus of control=higher academic achievement than external locus of control
  15. which of the following students are most likely to excel in school
    jane has high efficiency for school and has an internal locus of control
  16. which of the following personality perspectives/approaches viewed itself as the third force in American psychology
    the humanistic perspective
  17. which of the following situations cannot be easily explained by Maslows heirarchy
    why gahndi starved himself for his beliefs
  18. Jordan is not very good at sports
    reject sportts because she is not very good at them
  19. According to Carl Rogers, the opinions and values of important people in our lives (parents, teachers, siblings, or other relatives) are:
    incorporated into our valuing process because we desire their love and affection.
  20. Which of the following is not a criticism of the humanistic approach?
    there is too much emphasis placed on unconscious process to explain behaviors
  21. Many psychologists use a computer analigy to help them understand the mind. Using computers in this manner:
    is useful because there are many obvious parallels between computers and the mind
  22. forming memories and being able to recall them in the future depends upon
    encoding, storing, and retrieving information
  23. Which if the following is an example of implicit memory
    Sarah met her mother and fathers old friend
  24. Paying attention to a sensory stumulus transfers information from _____ memory to _____ memory .
    sensory/short term
  25. David heard a list of words
    the primary effect/the recency effect
  26. Crailk and Lockharts (1772) levels of processing model
    elaborative rehearsal
  27. In a multi-component working memory model, the portion of this system that coordinates the actions of the subordinate subsystem and integrates information coming in from these systems is called
    the central executive
  28. Which of the following statements most accurately describes the manner inn which we encode information in long term memory?
    we more often encode longterm memories semantically in terms of the meanings of the information
  29. Laura remembers how to find the area of may geographic shapes. This represents
    semantic memory
  30. Researcher Penelope Davis (1999) investigated
    that compared to men, women are better at recalling emotional childhood memories.
  31. PET scan studies conducted while people performed semantic and episodic memory tasks:
    suggest that episodic and semantic memory seem to stem from activity in different parts of the brain
  32. H.M was an adult male who suffered from epilepsy.
    The surgery left him with anterograde amnesia
  33. Phoebe was watching a movie and noticed a familiar female actor
    cue dependent forgetting
  34. Researchers who investigate the repression of memories for childhood sexual abuse have found
    the experimental data are
  35. when comparing recognition and recall tasks we find
    that recognition tasks involve stronger probes than recall tasks
  36. Proactive interference occurs when
    older information inhibits
  37. the decay theory of forgetting
    may not accurately explain
  38. in investigating the biological basis of flashbulb memories, researchers have found
    during these events that act upon amygdala
  39. which of the following most accurately captures the nature of human memory?
    memory is MORE THAN reconstructive
  40. The events of September 11, 2001 were very traumatic
    people's reports of how long it took the towers to fall after the plane hit the first tower were inaccurate
  41. According to cognitive consistency theories:
    humans find it uncomfortable when there are inconsistencies....
  42. if you are watching a news conference in which a president laying out a new financial plan
    the central route to persuasion
  43. we tend to be
    most persuaded when the person is attractive
  44. when making attributions
    humans often use shortcuts
  45. The tendency to rely more on trait attributions and to discount .....
    the fundamental attribution error
  46. you and your coworker just received unexpected raises at work
    must be benefiting from higher corporate profits
  47. the refusal to higher a person for a position because he or she belongs to a particular racial group is called
  48. The ________ argues that if people from different groups are just allowed to interact then prejudice will be reduced
    contact hypothesis
  49. In the robert caves experiment, the researchers tampered with water pipes and had the Eagles and the Rattlers work together to re-establish water to the camp...
    a superordinate goal
  50. In your dorm or apartment building, you are most likely to become friends with
    people who live within a few apartments or rooms of your room
  51. When choosing a romantic partner, we tend to gravitate toward people who
    similar age, social economic status, and attitudes
  52. George has a painting that his girlfriend gave him for his birthday....
    the more george will state to like the painting
  53. What was the minimun number of people necessary to produce the maximum amount of conformity, According to Asch's research?
  54. Which of the following statements is true about conformity
    Conformity tends to decrease when people are allowed to respond anonymously
  55. _________ occurs when a group fixate on one decision and members assume that they must be correct in their decisions
  56. Yielding to a demand is called
  57. Which of the following is an example of door in the face compliance
    perceptual contrast between two requests
  58. In Milgrams obedience studies
    the experimenter calmly requested the participants continue following the orders
  59. Among developing countries, the United States is considered to be
    an aggressive society
  60. Dr. Clark listen to clients stories about wanting more money...
    unconditional positive regard
  61. Wgich of the following is true regarding the factors that affect obedience?
    more likely to comply with the request to administer larger shocks because they had already to smaller shocks
  62. Cater is afraid of taking exams
    client centered therapy
  63. Showing high school students who drink alcohol and drive pictures of car crashes and resulting injuries
    picture therapy
  64. which of the following is not part of rational-emotive therapy
    using aversion therapy to keep people from having irrational beliefs in the future.
  65. Aaron Beck's therapy views
    the client and therapist as a collaborative team

  66. Cognitive behavior therapy has bee highly effective in treating______
    anxiety and depression
  67. Which of the following accurately captures beliefs of family therapists
    each person in the family has roles, expectaions
  68. Which of the following is true regarding self help groups?
    About 2-3 percent of the U.S
  69. Which of the following is not part of ration- emotive therapy
    a behavior therapy approach since any method that uses any aspect of behavior therapy is labeled as such
  70. the effectiveness of therapy is related to the
    characteristics of the therapist and the client
  71. The central assumption of ______ is that underlying psychological factors.....
    all psychotherapies
  72. Dr. whitman administers biological therapies, indicating that she is a
    licensed psychiatrist
  73. Confidentiality with clients
    must be violated if a therapist
  74. Which if the following is true about people who seek therapy
    only about half of the people receiving therapy in a given year are diagnosed with a psychological disorder
  75. the goal of psychoanalytic therapies is
    to change the maladaptive behavior by uncovering unconscious conflict
  76. Keisha has been as been asked by her therapist to talk about her mother
    free association
  77. Modern Psychoanalysis
    involves rapidly interviewing and questioning
  78. Humanists believe all of the following except
    that behavior is driven by impulses
  79. which description best fits the role of the therapist in client-centered therapy?
    The therapist is all knowing, directive, and responsible for client change
  80. Reflection
    involves restating, repeating or summarizes the thoughts and feelings that the
  81. The criterion used by many psychologists in distinguishing normal from abnormal behavior is:
    all these criteria are used including whether a behavior interferes with a person's ability to function and/ or cause oneself or others distress
  82. Which of the following statements is true regarding normal and abnormal behavior?
    Not all behaviors that violate norms in the U.S are considered abnormal worldwide
  83. Psychological theories of abnormal behavior include all of the following except
    the belief that abnormal
  84. Dr. Conde theorizes that pedophilia is taking a new form in developed countries due to internet access
    a theory that focuses on sociocultural issues
  85. Which viewpoint really explains abnormal behavior?
    no single theory or perspective s right
  86. When a person receives a diagnosis based on the Dsm
    the labeling of the person with a mental health problem with a mental health disorder
  87. Judith is a single working mother who is experiencing extreme stress
    axis I of the DSM-IV-TR
  88. The DSM model
    is not perfect
  89. __________ is the fear of being in places from which escape might be difficult
  90. Gillians life seems to be filled with excessive anxiety and worry
    Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  91. Research indicates that people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder tend to make maladaptive assumptions
    a cognitive based explaination of anxiety disorders
  92. Lacy is suffering from major depression
    a change in motor functioning
  93. Bipolar disorders are
    just as likely to occur in men as women
  94. Which of the following is true regarding schizophrenia
    Schizophrenia symptoms and episodes tend to decline as a person ages
  95. Janice has hallucinations. She is likely to:
    hear voices or other sounds
  96. All of the following are subtypes of schizophrenia listed in the DSM-IV-TR EXCEPT
    multiple personality disorder
  97. Which of the following is not true about schizophrenia?
    they have been found to have no structural differences in their brains that would distinguish them from the brains of non schizophrenic individuals
  98. People with Dissociative Identity Disorders
    all the answers are correct
  99. One striking similarity among people with DID is chronic childhood physical and or sexual
    • chronic childhood physical and or sexual abuse by family members
  100. Since 1980
    there has been an increased number of reported cases of dissociative identity disorder
  101. Tamara, age 45, suffered from a case of encephalitis, which did permanent damage to her brain
    did not occur during her childhood
  102. Jordan learned a Shakespearean monologue for a drama class in tenth grade
    no guarantee that she will remember this forever
  103. Samatha is a normal three year old who does not always act the way her parents her to in a restaurant
    all of the answers are correct
  104. Which of the following is considered to be the simplest form of learning?
  105. Which of the following situations involve dishabituation
    James has been hearing the car alarm for some time, he immediately turns his head to the new sound
  106. Physical Therapists often use habituation techniques to help people overcome chronic motion sickness by
    repeatedly exposinh clients to the stimulation
  107. Which of the following is adaptive when it comes to out response to environmental stimuli
    all the answers are correct
  108. ______ is defined as learning that occurs when a neutral stimulus is paired with an unconditional stimulus
    classical conditioning
  109. Through the process of classical conditioning, the _____ becomes a ________
    conditional response
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