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  1. anni, annu, enni
    Year - perennial- throughout the year
  2. ano, ana
    Up, back, again - Almanac- an annual publication for the coming uear containing a calendar, tides, sunrises, sunsets, moon phases, etc
  3. Apo, ap, aph
    away from, detached - apocenter- the farthest point in an eliptical orbit
  4. caco
    Bad - Cacography- poor handwriting or spelling
  5. cad, cas
    To fall - Cadenza- a musical passage rich in rises and falls
  6. calor
    Heat - Caloric- driven by heat
  7. cap, cip, cept
    Take - Capitalize- to take advantage of
  8. cardi(o)
    Heart - Cardiovascular- relating to the heart and blood vessels
  9. Carn
    Flesh - Carnage- the slaughter of a great number of people
  10. Caut, caus
    Burn, heat - Caustic- capable of burning, coroding, or destroying living tissue
  11. Clud, clus, claus
    Shut, close - Claustral- quiet and secluded
  12. Dia
    Through, across, apart - Diaphragm- the partition separating the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity in mammals
  13. Dura
    Hard, lasting - Durability- the ability to resist wear or decay
  14. Ego
    Self, I - Egomania- abnormal, excessive reference to oneself in conversation
  15. Epi
    Upon, over - Epic- of unusually great size or extent
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