Astronomy Unit One Quiz 7-9

  1. Due to the Libration of the Moon,________
    From Earth, We can eventually see about 55% of the Moon's surface
  2. The motion of the Moon throughout the month carries it________
    Along, but not on the ecliptic
  3. Fracturing the Mean Solar Day into smaller units of time is the basis of________
    Universal Time Coordinated-One
  4. The Moon will cross the ecliptic plane_______
    Two times per lunation
  5. Due to the inclination of the moon's orbital plane, we observe the face of the moon_______
    Once per orbit
  6. Since the orbit planes of all the planets are similar to the orbit plane of the Earth, we see planets move against the background sky following a path similar to the______
  7. The East-west component of the Analemma is caused by________
    The shape of the Earth's orbit and the tilt of the Earth's rotation
  8. Rising and setting times are affected by the right-ascension and declination of the object, but transit times are only affected by______
    The right-ascension of the object
  9. The North-South component of the analemma is caused by_________
    the tilt of the earth's rotational axis
  10. The equation of time resolves______
    Civil Time from True Solar Time
  11. June 21st is the longest day of the year, but the date of earliest sunrise is earlier because_____
    The sun is early(transit) in the weeks before the solstice
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Astronomy Unit One Quiz 7-9