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    • what does AMTCS stand for
    • aviation maintenance training continuum system
  1. what provides career path training to the sailor or marine from their initial service entry to the end of their military career
  2. what is an integrated system that satisfies the training and administrative requirements of both the individual and the organization
  3. what does CBT stand for
    computer based training
  4. what does ICW stand for
    interactive courseware
  5. what does CMI stand for
    computer managed instruction
  6. what does CAI stand for
    computer aided instruction
  7. what does ASM stand for
    • AMTCS software module
    • aviation maintenance training continuum system - software module
  8. what does ASM provide
    • testing
    • recording
    • a feedback system
  9. what does ECR stand for
    electronic classrooms
  10. what does LRC stand for
    learning resources centers
  11. what does FTD stand for
    fleet training devices
  12. what are the network connectivity requirements for ASM
    • unclassified connection
    • two static IPs
    • port 80, 443, 4443
    • off site access
  13. what does HMR stand for
    hazardous material report
  14. what does EI stand for
    engineering investigation
  15. what does QDR stand for
    quality deficiency report
  16. what does TPDR stand for
    technical publication deficiency report
  17. what does ADR stand for
    aircraft discrepancy report
  18. what does NAMDRP stand for
    naval aviation maintenance discrepancy reporting program
  19. what is the method for reporting hazardous deficiencies in material, publicaitons, substandard, workmanship, and improper QA procedures
  20. what provides a standard method for reporting material deficiencies that, if not corrected, can result in death or injury to personnel, or damage to or loss of aircraft, equipment, or facilities
  21. what is applied to all aircraft and weapons systems, their subsystems, equipment, components, related SE, special tools, fluids, and materials used in operating the equipment
  22. what provides maintenance activities with a method for reporting deficiencies in new or newly reworked material
  23. what compares the central library listing from the TPL computer program with actual manuals on hand
  24. what is a method for reporting defects discovered in newly manufactured, modified, or reworked aircraft that require immediate attention to ensure acceptable standards of quality in aircraft maintenance and rework procedures
  25. what does IETM stand for
    interactive electronic technical manuals
  26. what does JIA stand for
    joint IETM architecture
  27. what does ETM stand for
    electronic technical manual
  28. what is the overall concept is to utilize the group of emerging technologies that the commercial marketplace is rapidly adpoting as the standard for distributable electronic documents
  29. what does JTDI stand for
    joint technical data integration
  30. who was given the lead in development of the prototypes of JTDI
  31. what program is an integrated, acquisition, and logistics life cycle management program
  32. what application is a wed enabled "knowledge source" which provides weapon systems maintenance personnel with an easy, acceassible tool for researching and obtaining technical data required in the performance of maintenance to weapon systems
  33. what version is used by JKCS
    version 5
  34. what does JKCS stand for
    joint knowledge caching server
  35. what does SMTP stand for
    simple mail transfer protocol
  36. RACKU network connectivity requirements
    • unclassified connection
    • two static IPs
    • port 25 80 443 3389
  37. OOMA mid tier server network connectivity connection
    • unclassified connection
    • two static IPs
  38. what is the secondary network called
    back channel
  39. JKCS network connectivity requirements
    • unclassified connection
    • two static IPs
    • port 80 443
  40. NAMDRP network connectivity requirements
    • unclassified connection
    • two static IPs
    • port 80 for clients and 443 for server updates
  41. airspeed nework connectivity requirements
    • unclassified connection
    • two static IPs
    • no ports
  42. IETM network connectivity requirements
    • unclassified connection
    • two static IPs
    • port 80 for clients 443 for server updates
  43. ASM network connectivity requirements
    • unclassified connection
    • two static IPs
    • port 80 443 4443
  44. what is the power down procedure for the NFSA
    • ASM
    • OOMA mid tier
    • JKCS
    • IETMS
    • NAMDRP
    • RACKU
  45. what are the shutdown menu selections
    • log off
    • shut down
    • install update and shut down
    • restart
  46. what must be done daily basis to ensure smooth error free operation of the server
    consist of checking each server's event viewer logs
  47. logs include at a minimum what
    • application
    • security
    • system
  48. what are the types of events
    • information
    • warnings
    • errors
  49. what are the types of backups
    • daily (incremental)
    • weekly (full)
  50. when is IAVA/IAVM sent out for updates
    monthly from integraph
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