BIOL 1406 Lab Test 2 Short Answers

  1. Diff in animal vs plant cells
    • plants have cell wall for support and protection
    • plant cells have plastids
    • plant cells have large, central sap vacuole that stores water
    • animal cells have lysosomes, sacs of hydrolytic enzymes that can digest large organic molecules
    • animal cells have centrioles, organelles that function during cell division
  2. 5 factors that can affect rate of diffusion
    • temp
    • physical nature of environment
    • permeability of membrane
    • size and shape of diffusing molecules
    • size of gradient between high and low concentrations
  3. Plant cell and animal cell at iso=
    no change in either
  4. Plant cell/animal cell at hypertonic=
    plant=plasmolysis, animal=crenation, water leaving both
  5. plant cell/animal cell at hypotonic =
    tugor for plant, lysis for animal, water coming in on both
  6. Advantage/importance of photosynthesis
    light converted to chemical energy, inorgainic moles are converted to organic moles and O2 is released as an end product
  7. As temp increases breakdown of food
    increases, b/c enzymes are doing work and they work faster in hotter temps
  8. Advantage of aerobic respiration
    makes 36-38 ATP, fermentation makes only 2
  9. alcohol fermentation advantage is
    requires no O2
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BIOL 1406 Lab Test 2 Short Answers