Government vocab: Immigration, State department, and Constitutional

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  1. Alien
    A person who lives in a country but is not a citizen of that country
  2. Immigrant
    A person who comes to a county with the intention of living there permanently
  3. Deport
    to expel from the county
  4. Naturalization
    The process by which resident aliens become citizens
  5. Embassy
    A government office, headed by an ambassador, set up in a foreign nation
  6. Consulate
    A government office in a foreign land that protects the interests of its citizens
  7. consul
    an official who heads a consulate
  8. passport
    an official document that identifies a traveler as a citizen of a particular country
  9. Visa
    A permit that allows a person to remain in a foreign county for a certain length of time
  10. Enumerated powers
    The powers of the federal government specifically mentioned in the constitution
  11. Reserve powers
    The powers the constitution gives to the states
  12. Implied powers
    congressional powers not stated specifically in the constitution but suggested by the constitution's necessary and proper clause
  13. Concurrent powers
    the powers shared by the state and federal government
  14. Supremacy Clause
    A section of the Constitution stating that national law has higher authority than state law
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