Cultural Anthropology Chapter 1

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  1. Anthropology
    Study of human nature, human society and the human past
  2. holistic anthropology
    Using all different resources to form a clearer picture
  3. comparative anthropology
    considering differences in human societies
  4. Evolutionary anthropology
    The biological evolution of the human species
  5. Biological Anthropology
    Looking at humans as biological organisims
  6. Primatologists
    biological anthropologists who study nonhuman primates
  7. paleoanthropolgists
    bioanthropologists that specialize in fossils
  8. Forensic Anthropologists
    Use anth skills to aid law-enforcement
  9. Medical Anthropology
    Study of the factors that contribute to disease or illness, and human response
  10. Cultural Anthropology
    Study how behavior of different human groups is shaped by culture
  11. Culture
    Sets of learned behaviors and ideas that human beings acquire as members of society
  12. Fieldwork
    A personal, long-term experience with a specific group of people and way of life
  13. Informants
    People who share info about their way of life with anthropologistsf
  14. Participant-Observation
    Taking part in a group's social activities as well as observing those activities as outsiders
  15. Monograph
    A book written about a single culture
  16. Ethnology
    Comparative study of two or more ways of life
  17. Linguistic Anthropology
    Study of human languages
  18. Language
    arbitrary vocal symbols used to express or experience of the world
  19. Archaeology
    Cultural Anthropology of the Human Past
  20. Prehistory
    The time before writing
  21. Applied Anthropology
    Using the information from other subfields to address problems in the world
  22. Development Anthropologies
    Aim to improve people's capacities to maintain health, produce food, and adapt
  23. Objective Knowledge
    Undistorted, universally valid
  24. Postivism
    The idea that rationally assertions are scientifically valid
  25. Modernism
    Liberation from outdated views and traditions
  26. Postmodernism
    Criticism of modernism
  27. Multisited fieldwork
    Following people not bound by one social, national, ethnic, or religious boundary.
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