Trinity 1 Cell Division

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  1. Cells divide whenever the body needs to...
    • replace worn out cells
    • grow
    • repair damage cells
  2. When cells divide the chromosomes are copied. this means all the new cells will have the same chromosomes.
    TRUE or FALSE?
  3. What is an amoeba?
    Amoeba is a unicellular organism
  4. How does the amoeba cell reproduce?
    The amoeba cell divides to form two cells. this is called asexual reproduction
  5. Name the three advantages of humans being multicellular
    • multicellular organisms can grow large.
    • cell differentiation takes place. cells become different shapes or sizes to carry out specialised jobs. 
    • organisms become more complex. multicellular organisms can develop different organ systems. all the systems work together to make up the organism.
  6. How many chromosomes are there in the nucleus of the human body cell?
    46 chromosomes(made of 23 pairs of chromosomes)
  7. What is the type of cell division that occurs during growth?
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