Verbos más preposiciones

  1. to get used to
    acostumbrarse a
  2. to dare (to)
    atreverse a
  3. to help (to)
    ayudar a
  4. to refuse to
    negarse a
  5. to trust
    confiar en
  6. to consist of
    consistir en
  7. to notice
    fijarse en
  8. to think about
    pensar en
  9. to be enough (to)
    bastar con
  10. to marry
    casarse con
  11. to count on
    contar con
  12. to meet (up with)
    encontrarse con
  13. to dream of/about
    soñar con
  14. to have just done something
    acabar de (+ inf.)
  15. to remember to/about
    acordarse de
  16. to be glad to/about
    alegrarse de
  17. to realize
    darse cuenta de
  18. to take charge/care of
    encargarse de
  19. to find out about
    enterarse de
  20. to finish
    terminar de
  21. to try to
    tratar de
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Verbos más preposiciones
Spanish 4 Unit 1 Lesson 2 Verbs with prepositions (expressions with a, en, con, de)