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  1. Name for the German immigrants who followed the teachings of John Huss.
  2. What city in Pennsylvania did Count von Zinzerdorf find?
  3. What colonies ere known as the "bread colonies?"
    middle colonies
  4. What is homespun used for?
    making clothing
  5. What occupation was the majority for the colonial Americans?
  6. What group wrote the first classical music composed in America?
  7. Name the nation that was the chief customer of the colonies.
  8. The plant which blue dye was produced from.
  9. Term for the exchange of goods between the colonists and the Indians?
  10. Name of trade route that included Africa, the West Indies, and New England?
    Triangular Trade Route
  11. What county was the great revival of the 1700s called the Great Awakening?
  12. What colonies were poorly suited for agriculture due to long winters, short growing season, and rocky terrain?
    New England
  13. What are the three types of colonial government?
    • 1. royal colonies
    • 2. proprietary colonies
    • 3. self-governing colonies
  14. Built all-wood clock and black astronomer who studied the heavens and predicted an eclipse in 1789?
    Benjamin Banneker
  15. Minister and scientist who helped introduce the smallpox vaccine?
    Cotton Mather
  16. Skilled silversmith known for making fine silverware?
    Paul Revere
  17. Professional musician and composer known for conducting singing schools?
    William Billings
  18. Name the paddle-shaped board, containing the alphabet and some Scripture for teaching children.
  19. Name Benjamin Franklin's yearly publication of meteorological & astronomical information?
    Poor Richard's Almanac
  20. Name of the most widely used textbook in the colonial America.
    New England Primer
  21. Term for legislature composed of two houses: an upper and a lower house?
  22. The first regularly published weekly newspaper in colonies?
    Boston News-Letter
  23. Founded public libraries and called the best-known colonial man of science?
    Benjamin Franklin
  24. What two things is Jonathan Edwards known for?
    1. preacher sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

    2. Foremost theologian & Greatest American intellects ever born
  25. Name two things George Whitefield is known for.
    1. Evangelist with greatest impact Great Awakening, preached crowds up to 20,000

    2. Founded Georgia orphanage 1700s teach children gospel
  26. Best-known missionary to the Indians?
    David Brainerd
  27. College that was founded to train Indians as missionaries to their own people?
  28. Name two men responsible for organizing the Methodist denomination.
    • John Wesley
    • Charles Wesley
  29. name of the England revival.
    • Methodist Revival
    • (Evangelical Revival)
  30. Name of America's revival.
    Great Awakening
  31. Term for sparsely poplulated land on the edge of settlement?
  32. What period comprised the colonial era?
    • 1. founding Jamestown 1607
    • 2. American War for Independence 1775
  33. Term for boys placed under a craftsman to learn a trade?
  34. Title for the chief executive officer of a colony?
  35. Term for craftsman who shod horses and made tools, farm equipment or wagon parts?
  36. Name of local Virginia militia who's job was to preserve law and order and defend frontier posts from Indian attacks.
    Virginia Rangers
  37. Who ignored Washington's advice and insisted on fighting in the open like in Europe?
    General Braddock
  38. Who was appointed prime minister of England in 1763?
    George Grenville
  39. Who was sent by Governor Dinwiddie of Virginia to order the French army to leave Virginia?
    George Washington
  40. Who became the king in 1760 and determined to bring colonies into subjection?
    George III
  41. Give the two names of the war in the colonies that lasted from 1754-1763 & who won the final battle?
    • French and Indian War
    • Seven Years' War

    British WON the war
  42. Name of act passed by Parliament in 1765 requiring colonists to buy seals for all legal documents, pamphlets, and newspapers(tax legal documents)?
    Stamp Act
  43. This fort was renamed Fort Pitt?
    Fort Duquesne
  44. Who thought colonies should have direct representation in Parliament?
    William Pitt the Elder
  45. What did the French rename the English fort they captured at the beginning of the French and Indian War?
    Fort Duquesne
  46. What does fight "like and Indian" mean?
    Use rocks and tress for cover during a fight
  47. Name of colonial America's foremost theologian?
    Jonathan Edwards
  48. What act made it legal to force colonists to supply housing for British soldiers?
    Quartering Act
  49. What document made all previous land grants no longer valid & also stopped settlements in all lands west of the Appalachians?
    Proclamation of 1763
  50. What document sad colonies were "subordinate" to England?
    Declaratory Act
  51. What war prepared colonists for the War of Independence by uniting them to defend their homes and families?
    French and Indian War
  52. How did Royal colonies government work?
    Controlled by king, colonists had some say in their government.
  53. Name at least three Royal colonies?
    • Virginia                    New York
    • North Carolina          Georgia
    • South Carolina         New Jersey
    • Georgia                   Massachusetts Bay
    • New Hampshire
  54. How did proprietary colonies government work?
    King granted a track of land to a nobleman(proprietor) who ruled it as he wanted
  55. Name two proprietary colonies.
    • Pennsylvania
    • Maryland
    • Delaware
  56. How did self-governing colonies government work?
    Goverened their own affairs without king or proprietor.
  57. Name one self-governing colonies?
    • Rhode Island
    • Connecticut
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