Chapter 12 - Mastery Terms

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  1. alpha
    Probability of a Type I error.
  2. alternative hypothesis
    The investigator's working hypothesis (also called theĀ experimental hypothesis), which in null hypothesis significance testing (NHST) is in opposition to the null hypothesis (H0).
  3. beta
    Probability of a Type II error.
  4. null hypothesis
    The hypothesis to be nullified; usually states that there is no relationship between two or more variables.
  5. power
    In significance testing, the probability of not making a Type II error.
  6. p value
    Probability value or level obtained in a test of significance.
  7. Type I error
    The error of rejecting the null hypothesis when it is true.
  8. Type II error
    The error of failing to reject the null hypothesis when it is false.
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