Hemepath-Mixed Qs

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  1. PFA-100 Pattherns for collagen/epi and collagen/ADP

    a. low plt count?
    b. low hematocrit?
    c. vWD, plt defects, drugs?
    d. aspirin
    e. Clopidogrel
    f. acute phase
    • a. prolonged/prolonged
    • b. prolonged/prolonged
    • c. prolonged/prolonged (both variable)
    • d. prolonged/normal
    • e. normal/not sensitive
    • f. may be shortened/may be shortened
  2. Formula for corrected retic count?
    (%retic x hct) / 45
  3. Formula for retic proliferation index?
    corrected retic count / maturation index (provided based on hct level)

    • if <2 suggests decreased destruction
    • >2 suggests increased destruction
  4. Formula for Hct?
    RBC x MCV
  5. Formula for MCH?

    units picogram
  6. Formula for MCHC?

    units g/dL
  7. A T-cell neoplasm that is not cytotoxic?
  8. CD25 expression in ATLL vs. Sezary?
    • CD25+ ATLL
    • CD25- Sezary
  9. Last CBC parameter to change in Fe def anemia?
  10. How to calculate units of cryo needed for FVIII/IX/fibrinogen replacement?
    • 1. Calculate blood volume: wt x 70mL/kg
    • 2. Calculate plasma volume: blood volume x (1-Hct)
    • 3. Calculate factor units needed: %activity x plasma volume
    • (100% for surgery, 50% for hemophilia bleeding)
    • 4. Cryo has 80u of F8 and 150 mg fibrinogen

    • Example:
    • 80kg pt, hct 40%, activity 5% and want 50%, F9 vial has 500u per vial

    [80kg(70mL)(1-0.4)(0.45)]/500u = 4 units (round up)
  11. Which neoplasm can make fibrinogen?
    HCC/hepatoma (saw both written separately so pick which ever is there?)

    can make fetal type by with decreased function
  12. Hematologic malignancy associated with Budd-Chiari?
  13. CD10 in EBV+ DLBCL?
  14. What's a good cytochemical stain to help diagnose M6?
  15. Mode of transmission in May-Hegglin?
  16. Elliptocytes are associated with what membrane protein mutation?
  17. What happens to cholesterol levels in myeloproliferative neoplasms?
  18. B12 level in PDGFRA, PDGFRB, and FGFR1 neoplasms?
    markedly increased
  19. Chromosomes of PDGFRA, PDGFRB and FGFR1?
    • PDGFRA-4q12
    • PDGFRB-5q31-33
    • FGFR1-8q11
  20. What disease is associated with JMML? What pathway has mutations?
    • Neurofibromatosis type 1
    • RAS/MAPK
  21. What is a "remarkable" finding in JMML per WHO?
    markedly increased hemoglobin F
  22. What mutations are found in RARS-T?
    • mostly JAK2 V617F
    • few MPL W515K/L
  23. Which hemoglobin besides S will have positive Sickledex test?
    Hb C- Harlem
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