First New Testament Test

  1. Importance of 587 BCE
    • Nebuchadadnezzar of Babylon destroyed Jerusalem
    • Solomon’s Temple destroyed
    • End of Davidic dynasty
  2. Significance of 539 BCE
    • Conquest of Babylon by Cyrus of Persia
    • Exiles allowed to return
    • Rebuilding of Temple (520-515 BCE)
  3. Importance of Nehemiah and Ezra?
    • Nehemiah (445 BCE) sent by Persians to rebuild walls of Jerusalem and organize Jewish life
    • Ezra arrives around 528 BCE to organize a community guided by the law.
  4. Transformation and life during Babylonian exile
    • end to temple worship and sacrifices
    • God worshipped by traditions kept alive by laws and food traditions that gave a distinctive identity
    • The Torah appeared
  5. Significance of 336-323 BCE
    • Alexander the Great conquered entire easternMediterranean 
    • Persia defeated in 331 BCE
    • Hellenistic era begins
    • Palestinian Jewish community becomes partly Hellenized
  6. Palestine under the Ptolemies
    • Septuagint-Greek translation of the Bible
    • Alexandria new center of intellectual world
    • Judaism generally open to Hellenistic world
  7. Significance of 198 BCE
    Seleucids (Syrian wing) gain control over Palestine
  8. Significance of 175-163 BCE
    • Antiochus IV becomes the Seleucid ruler in Antioch
    • Epiphanes
    • Interfered with high priesthood
    • Promotes Hellanistic culture and customs and outlaws Judaism
  9. 168 BCE
    • Maccabean revolt triggered by forced Hellenization during the reign of Antiochus IV and esp. the erection of an altar to Zeus in the Jewish Temple
    • Led by Priest and 5 sons. Judas Maccabeus the leader
    • In 164 the Temple is recaptured and purified (Hannukah)
  10. Hasmonean Rule
    142-63 BCE
  11. Qumran Community
    • Sectarian monastery-like community at Qumran that opposed the Hasmonean priesthood 
    • 150 BCE-the Right Teacher
    • Conduct life according to laws of Temple purity
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First New Testament Test
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