Case Sheet - Mens Rea Intention

  1. Hyam v DPP HL
    (1975) D was jealous after a woman began seeing her male friend. D poured petrol through the letter box of the house and set fire to it. The house caught fire and two children sleeping inside were killed.
  2. Mohan

    (1976) Non fatal injuries requiring intent.
  3. Maloney HL

    Ruby wedding anniversary - A step-father and son were at a wedding anniversary. The were on good terms but had a dispute over who could load a gun the quickest. Both had been drinking and when the step son 'won' (loaded the gun fastest) the step father dared him to shoot. He did and the step father was killed.
  4. Hancock and Shankland HL

    Miners on strike tried to stop another miner from going to work by throwing a brick/ rock off of a bridge to hit his taxi and stop him. However, the taxi driver was killed.
  5. Nedrick

    D had a grudge against a women, poured paraffin through the letter box and set fire to it. An innocent child died. 

    Appeal allowed because of the changes in the law. 
  6. Walker and Hayles C of A

    Attempted murder case.
  7. R v Woolin

    D threw his 3 month old baby towards his pram which was against the wall about 3-4 ft away. Baby suffered injuries and died. D said in the interview that the baby had hit the floor hard but he did not think it would kill him, but accepted that there was a risk of injury.
  8. Re:A (C of A)

    Civil Case - conjoined twins

    Dr's asked to operate on the twins when they foresaw this would kill the weaker twin.
  9. Matthews and Alleyne C of A

    A level student thrown off a bridge. D's knew he couldn't swim. D's convicted after trial judge told jury to convict them, if drowning was a virtual certainty and D's appreciated this and had no intention to save the V and nor did anyone else then this was intention.
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Case Sheet - Mens Rea Intention
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