emulex vs qlogic hba

  1. emulex
    network connectivity, monitoring and management hardware and software solutions that enable end-to-end application visibility, optimization and acceleration. The company's I/O connectivity offerings, including its line of Ethernet and Fibre Channel-based connectivity products, have been designed into server and storage solutions from OEMs, including Cisco, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, Huawei, IBM, NetApp and Oracle
  2. qlogic
    manufacturer of high performance networking server and storage networking connectivity and application acceleration solutions. The company delivers virtualized, converged, and cloud environment solutions to OEMs and channel partners worldwide. QLogic’s products include Fibre Channel Adapters, Converged Network Adapters for the Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) market, Ethernet Adapters, iSCSI Adapters, and ASICs. QLogic is a NASDAQ Global Select company (NASDAQ symbol: QLGC). In 2014, QLogic held the largest market share in Fibre Channel Adapters, Transparent Fibre Channel Switches for Blade Servers, Stackable Fibre Channel Switches, and iSCSI Adapters.
  3. emulex vs qlogic
    QLogic was created in 1992 after being spun off by Emulex; the two are now competitors for the Fibre Channel HBA market. QLogic's original business was disk controllers. This business was sold to Marvell in 2005. QLogic went public in 1994 and is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol QLGC.
  4. emulex vs qlogic
    input/output performance
    Emulex achieves almost 7 times more IOPS than the qlogic qle2600 in a windows server 2012 enviroment
  5. emulex vs qlogic
    • The Emulex LPe1600B delivers full line rate for large block sizes
    • whereas the QLogic QLE2672 struggles with large block sizes with
    • 20VM workloads.
  6. emulex vs qlogic
    • Emulex
    • is the first adapter vendor to offer VMware users an integrated
    • management solution that supports both the vCenter desktop
    • client and the vSphere 5.1 Web Client. Emulex adapters ship with
    • OneCommand Manager at no extra charge.
  7. emulex vs qlogic
    • Emulex LightPulse LPe16000B 16Gb FC HBAs are light-years
    • ahead in performance, manageability and market adoption
    • compared to QLogic QLE2600 adapters:
    • n More than 1.2 million IOPS on a single channel
    • - 7x better maximum IOPS than QLogic QLE2600-series
    • n 16x better CPU efficiency than QLogic QLE2600-series
    • n Three times faster for Oracle Database
    • n Two times faster for Microsoft SQL Server
    • n 11x better IOPS per server watt efficiency than QLogic QLE2600
    • - QLogic causes server to draw 45 more watts at max
    • performance
    • - During three years, QLogic QLE2600 uses an additional
    • Megawatt of power!
    • n Industry-leading adapter management with OneCommand
    • Manager—provides twice the management functionality and
    • takes half the time to configure and manage compared to
    • Brocade’s HCM tool
    • - OneCommand® Manager for VMware® vCenter™ Server, with
    • added support for the vSphere 5.1 Web Client
    • - Common driver stack and management tools across FC,
    • FCoE, iSCSI and NIC Interoperability with the broadest range
    • of operating systems, servers, switches and storage to ensure
    • compatibility across data centers and remote offices
    • n Up to four times more logins/open exchanges to support more
    • virtual machines and larger scalable cloud environments.
    • n Market leader in 16GFC HBAs with over 70 percent market
    • share, whereas QLogic has zero market share
    • n Certified by EMC E-Labs and trusted by every major OEM
    • n Bullet-proof reliability
    • n The only adapter with BlockGuard™ T10 PI data integrity offload,
    • delivering high performance data integrity protection without the
    • 30 percent CPU overhead found in HBAs that have softwarebased
    • T10 PI.
    • n Huge adapter install base and investment protection for existing
    • FC SANs with backward compatibility with 4 and 8GFC adapters.
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